Globo hits the hammer and premieres a recurring track on Saturdays with Cheias de Charme · TV News

Globo hits the hammer and premieres a recurring track on Saturdays with Cheias de Charme · TV News

Globo has brought down the hammer and will broadcast the special reissue track from Monday to Saturday. Replacing Mulheres de Areia, Cheias de Charme (2012) was chosen to open the new feature for the weekend. The series, which returns to the schedule on Monday (11), will also be shown before Caldeirão com Mion – which will undergo a renewal from March 16.

This news was announced by Marcus Meon during a phone call on Saturday (9). “You know that Saturday afternoon is that moment that Brazilians have been waiting for all week to forget their problems and let the fun in. Now, there will be a TV series on Saturday afternoon at Globola. We will start by welcoming you to the staff,” said the presenter.

Before Cheias de Charme was scheduled to return, Globo planned to show Mulheres de Areia (1993) on Saturdays. Instead of new episodes, the broadcaster was considering showing a recap of the week's best rerun moments.

The return of Cheias de Charme is seen as a possibility to boost the station's audience on Saturdays after the broadcast of Jornal Huge and also “give a boost” to Calderao with Marcos Millon, which has undergone a recast and will feature new staff and scenarios.

Full of magic

The saga of the maids María da Penha (Taís Araujo), María do Rosario (Leandra Leal) and María Aparecida (Isabelle Drummond) was a success in its original broadcast, achieving an average of 30 EPUB points in Greater São Paulo.

In the story, the three become famous after recording a music video about the hardships of life as a maid.

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Tice Araujo, Leandra Leal, and Isabel Drummond even discussed the possibility of making a film about the girls. The actresses met to talk about the project, and even script development began

Marcos Palmeira, Humberto Carrao, Titina Medeiros, Chandele Braz, Tato Jabos Mendes, Rodrigo Pandolfo, Jaime Matarazzo, Luiz Henrique Nogueira, Bruno Mazzeo, Daniel Dantas, Jonatas Faro and Malu Galli are also in the cast of Cheias de Charme.

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