Globo faces a crisis with its sponsors | Column Fabia Oliveira

Globo faces a crisis with its sponsors |  Column Fabia Oliveira

The future appears to be cloudy for some of the presenters, on the Globo studio premises. Aside from Ana Maria Braga – who knows how to reinvent herself every day, and her videos are always viral on social networks, it seems that names like Fátima Bernardes, Patrícia Poeta and even Fernanda Gentil are no longer part of the crowd’s liking.

Fatima’s program went through several crises, and finding alternatives on the air was easier than the official presenter. Fatima’s dissatisfaction with the daily program is no longer hidden from anyone.

They say in the corridors that Fatima will wait longer than you think to take over a weekly attraction, after all, Anna Maria has already submitted an application for a program with the same template before presenting the “meeting”. Being a Jack of all professions and having patrons who follow her wherever she goes, the owner of “Mais Você” may soon fulfill her wish.

On the other hand, Patricia Poeta is seen as a cover-up. Since leaving the “Jornal Nacional” seat, the journalist has not been able to get her own show on the Globo network. In her last appearance as a replacement for Fatima, in “Encontro”, Patricia received poor reviews, which makes the audience’s disapproval obvious.

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Another name cited as a possible replacement for Fátima, Fernanda Gentil also has serious problems with the public. His last attraction was pulled off the air due to the failure of IBOPE numbers. It has already been established that Fernanda has a great disapproval by the public. “Zig Zag Arena” was so bad that the announcer preferred to lose and soon stop the program from broadcasting, even though he had already recorded unreleased episodes.

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It seems that past glories are no longer enough to ensure the presence of the former powerhouse broadcasters, Patricia and Fatima, who were once the announcers of the country’s major newspapers, in prime time. They say that one of the station’s wings is demanding betting on new names, while the other, which is still conservative, says it’s just a stage.

Even one of the presenters has the support of her ex-husband, who enjoys a strong position in the Marinho family company and always ensures that his ex-wife is not fired, which has been considered several times.

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