Globo denies the lawsuit and confirms that Camila Queiroz will appear on the channel again

Globo denies the lawsuit and confirms that Camila Queiroz will appear on the channel again

a Globe I decided to deny the rumors about the troubled departure Camila Queiroz. announcer Denied the study process Against the actress and claimed she didn’t break from the traditional holiday vignette and that It will appear in the hidden Fantastic Friend.

Through its internet portal, Globo responded to information published in the media in the last days. The channel denied the expulsion of an Bible translator because it did not have a specific contract. In other words: the link was only to their participation in Secret Truths 2.

Since the beginning of 2021, Camila Queiroz has a contract for some work with Globo. The last contract to record “Secret Truths 2” expired on November 10. As we explained before, due to strict protocols against Covid-19, it was necessary to postpone registrations. Globo and the actress did not reach an agreement to sign the necessary contract extension To conclude the angel character scenes. Thus, there was no dismissal – but the termination of the contract fulfilled by the end of the amended term”station said.

The actress appears again in Fantastic

Globo denied that she had decided to sue Camilla He didn’t even study the subject, he said. The actress will also appear as a hidden Fantastic girlfriend. She had already registered the post, which is kept.

Additionally, the station reported that Camila Queiroz was not cut from the traditional year-end vignette. This is because, The actress has not registered At the time the canal contractors gathered.

Globo denies Veto vs Camila Queiroz

In recent days, information has also begun to circulate that the Ryo Channel They objected to the news about Camilla on their Internet portals. The announcer, however, Ban denied She ensured there were no directives for their professionals to stop talking about the actress.

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“There has never been and has never been any editorial directive on Globo portals to stop publishing news about the actress. Globo is guided by its editorial principles and never fails to publish facts that matter to the public. But it is clear that it will not resonate with false news”, He said.

Camila Queiroz Globo left last week after no agreement was reached to extend your contract. According to the network, the actress wanted to determine the outcome of Angel in Secret Truths 2 and demanded to participate in the final third season. In addition, it made “unacceptable contractual requests”.

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