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The photo of the girl smiling in the foreground while the building is burning in the background has become a classic internet meme.

The image was made in 2005, and is now sold for $ 473,000 (R $ 2.5 million) when converted to NFT (the abbreviation comes from the expression “token that is not consumed with first use” in English; in practice, it is a stamp Digital authenticity, which guarantees ownership of the image, and makes the buyer the sole owner of the image). Information from the newspaper “The Independent”.

Photo sold by topic, Zoe Roth, who is now a 21-year-old woman studying at Chapel Hill University.

Below, see Fantástico’s article on NFTs:

Digital artwork sold for nearly $ 70 million; Understand what NFT is

According to The Independent, the photo was recorded by the girl’s father in 2005. She became a meme due to a slightly sadistic expression when she saw a house burning – there’s a subtle suggestion that she was responsible for the fire herself, which isn’t the truth. The girl and father were wandering the Mebane, North Carolina city neighborhood United StateWhere they were living when the fire broke out.

The fire, in fact, resulted in the firefighters themselves in a fire that was controlled so they could train.

The image’s NFT is not sold in dollars, but in the cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Every time the NFT is resold, Zoe will get 10% of the transaction amount.

Ruth and his father searched for an agent who specialized in people whose photos were used in memes and then made money from the joke.

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