Gilberto says he understood Fei that he was pointing at the wall

Gilberto says he understood Fei that he was pointing at the wall

On the grassBBB 21 “, Gilberto explained last night why he found it understandable that he pointed it at the wall.

“I really think at that point in the game – before that, no, with 350 people in the house, there was no way to say that she was lacking a choice – at this moment, I wouldn’t want her to vote Juliet,” said Joao, Camilla and Boca, who sleeps In the room and they talk and everything. I know they don’t. “

He continued, “Pocah, I called her mother here. Then you think I would want Fei to vote for Pocah instead of voting for me? I called Caio a father. Then I would want him to vote for Caio so he wouldn’t vote for me? No. Joao, Camilla and Juliet? Who is left? And you and Arthur. “

“Now, turning my face towards me worried me. I was very upset. Like her first sign, she mentioned ‘my outbreaks. I was upset too,'” Gill admitted.

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