“Get Soft”: the mouse’s head gets stuck when trying to steal the treats; video

“Get Soft”: the mouse’s head gets stuck when trying to steal the treats;  video

A rat was injured trying to steal treats from a covered jar. The animal became soft and ended up with its head stuck in the container. A biologist explained that many people think that these rodents have no bones, as they can pass through small spaces, but the reality is different.

‘Getting soft’: mouse gets stuck in its head when trying to steal candy – Image: Social Networks/NA Reproduction

second BiomusqueMost of the time, rats successfully pass through small holes, which is why there are people asking if these animals have bones. “Yes, humans, mice are vertebrates, they have a skeleton, but they are very flexible animals and they can pass through strangely small spaces.”

According to the biologist, the secret lies in the rodent’s mustache, which it uses to measure the head and see if it passes through space. If it passes, your whole body usually passes too.

Normally, the entire body of an animal can also pass through, because the rat’s skull is the widest bone in its body. Obviously, everything has its limits, after all, these animals also have other tissues such as skin, muscle and fat, which can lead to them yanking if you push their head too much into a small space,” he explained.

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Because it contained the other “large” fabrics, the mouse in the video ended up trapped in the object that covered the treats. It is possible to see in the video that the animal has watery eyes, because it may have realized that it had entered a predicament, unable to enter the place or even to leave it.

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