Get R$15,000 from Auxílio Brasil if you're on this list

Get R$15,000 from Auxílio Brasil if you're on this list

The federal judiciary recently announced that it had ordered the payment of R$15,000 to each person whose data was leaked in connection with the Auxílio Brasil social assistance program. However, despite the decision in favor of victims, this is clearly subject to potential legal challenges, raising questions about the concrete security of these payments.

What is Auxelo Brasil?

Get R$15,000 from Auxílio Brasil if you're on this list

Auxílio Brasil was opened during President Jair Bolsonaro's term in 2021, with the aim of providing financial assistance to residents most affected by the pandemic. However, the program was closed in 2023 by current President Lula, who reintroduced Bolsa Familia with new guidelines and changes to its format.

How to get 15 thousand Brazilian reals from Auxílio Brasil?

As the data leaked, an individual verification consultation was provided. This allows every citizen to check whether their data was among the information compromised, and therefore whether they are eligible for monetary compensation. However, it is important to note that this consultation does not guarantee immediate payment of the specified amount. Consultations can be made on the Sigilo Institute website:

Specific details about when and how payment will be made have not yet been clarified by the federal judiciary or the government. Until now, many victims of the data leak are still waiting for news on how compensation will be provided.

With technological advancement and digitization of data and information, such cases highlight the need to take effective data protection measures to prevent future leaks and protect citizens' privacy.

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