Geshin Effect: Character creates confusion even before release

Imagem de: Geshin Impact: personagem gera confusão antes mesmo do lançamento

Last week, lovers Jinshin effect They were already very nervous with Supposed to change Raiden Shogun’s character He would have struggled in the game regarding his version in beta tests, but the current controversy is already in another character. The new focus is Sangonomiya Kokomi, a wizard who is expected to be added to the game this Tuesday (21) and whose abilities have been revealed in a leak.

By all appearances, Kokomi’s passive talent gives a good boost to her healing abilities, but also causes her critical hit rate to drop dramatically. In this way, her focus will be entirely on providing support to her allies while she will not be able to constantly harm her enemies.

With this past data, many players are already saying that Kokomi is the worst extremely rare character in Jinshin effectEven if no one has played it in the official version of the game yet. Fortunately, there are some fans who are looking forward to the arrival of the heroine and are sure that she will be capable of much more than these leaks imagine.

Other than that, it’s always good to remember that therapists who focus on support can always benefit from games that have multiple characters on the team. Of course, we will only know how best to use Kokomi in battle after the real tests with its final version in Jinshin effect this week.

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