genius! The Ice Machine can reverse the melting of the polar ice caps

genius!  The Ice Machine can reverse the melting of the polar ice caps

distance Centuries practice harmful postures On planet Earth, humans seek to come to terms with the environment by searching for technologies that allow reversing the damage caused by Global WarmingWhich threatens the spread of endangered species.

With this, the latest innovation is a revolutionary machine powered by renewable energy that allows for Arctic glaciers re-freeze, In a way that enhances the survival of the animals that live there – orcas, penguins and polar bears are examples, and the latter are considered endangered species.

This machine, which has been dubbed the “refrigeration machine”, was developed by a group of students from Bangor University in Wales and caught the attention of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which is expected to send a prototype to be tested on small glaciers in Canada. .

The Ice Machine will work through Water pumps that will inject the liquid under the ice capsTemperatures reach an unbelievable -50 degrees Celsius, well below the hardening point of water. Consequently, the size of the polar caps will grow again, preserving the integrity of the species.

According to the expectations of university students, the machine could be preserved as the property of the Inuit peoples who live in the Arctic Circle, operating the tool and moving it to new areas regularly, in exchange for carbon credits that can be negotiated with the companies.

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