Gavião Arqueiro keeps volume on the ground and quality on top

Gavião Arqueiro keeps volume on the ground and quality on top

with six rings, Archer Hawk (or maybe the first season of the series) ends Disney +, continue to build wide Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series is showing a comeback Clint Barton after events Avengers: Endgame It goes even further in building the future of franchising with the introduction of Kate Bishop, a young heroine full of excitement to work with the greatest.

Chest After Big Bangs Like WandaVisionAnd Falcon and the Winter Soldier e lokiThe series knows how to stem the entire tide of destruction and mayhem around the world to focus on more “common” characters, with more intimate universes and a good dose of Christmas vibe. Below, you can check out our full review of Archer Hawk, the latest version of Marvel Studios In 2021!

data sheet

Eligible: Archer Hawk (hook)

Created by: Jonathan Illa

general: 2021 (Disney+)

number of episodes: 6

Abstract: On Christmas Week, Clint Barton needs to team up with young Kate Bishop to solve a plot involving the Mafia, spies, and Hockey’s other secret identity…

The Gavião Arqueiro series is now available on Disney +

The everyday life of an “ordinary hero”

2021 was a busy year for Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise’s return after a year without any releases was marked by the advent of movies, TV series, and promises for the future, wonderfully expanding the world’s largest shared culture. pop. We had Multiverso on the other side, old heroes on that side, cheat gods and mythical creatures all over the place… But where are the common heroes?

like that?After all, since the world is the world, heroes have become deities among mortals, mythical characters steeped in epic life with little regard for sad and ordinary civilian life… well, not quite. At least. Not since then Stan Lee, along with names like Jack Kirby e Steve Ditko I entered this movement.

The greatest work of Lee & Co. Absolutely in the comic book world is to turn heroes into…ordinary people. Of course, we still have the great Asgardian Gods, the people of beasts and boys play Who made more money than any human being on the face of the earth. But even in these cases, the marvel Specifically revolutionized by showing the daily lives of the heroes, with their enormous adventures as opposed to their mundane lives and their personal drama.

And with you, Marvel’s latest heroic duo: Gaviã and Gavião.

And maybe all Marvel Cinematic UniverseAnd Archer Hawk He was the first to actually make it work, without being swept away by threats on a cosmic scale or the presence of a multiverse slowly forming. no when Jonathan Illa He took over the production of the series, and resorted to the most rigid rule associated with the hero: comics David Aja e part died, which showed Gavião Arqueiro as a very common man.

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Of course, he’s an avenger and can hit any target without blinking. But the focus in his solo adventures has never been a lilac with a knot of supremacy. In the broken stage, he was a hero to the people who lived in a decaying building and helped his neighbors as much as he could, while still finding time to fight gangs and killers.

And it makes sense in the world for the series to follow this path, as long as Avengers: Age of Ultron He started a project to humanize the hero. It wasn’t only Clint Barton, the avenger, but also a family man who needed to do everything to survive between Homeric’s struggles – after all, he still had his wife and children waiting at home.

Clint Barton finally has a chance to shine.

For the first time since the character’s first appearance, in 2011, he appeared marvel Nails give a little importance in the end Clint Barton. Well, it’s been “only” ten years since then, but even such an extensive period is great for transforming a hero that nobody cared about into a rich and complex character, especially after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Synopsis: Thanos killed half the world. Many heroes began to turn to dust. Ordinary people too. Clint wasn’t fortunate enough to lose his entire family during this time. He became violent and aggressive. Assuming the identity of ronin. He killed many criminals without thinking twice. The Black Widow found him and recruited him for a new mission. The widow died. They saved the world. Everyone is back to normal. Clint left Ronin behind.

It turns out that already in the first episodes of Archer HawkWe find out that Ronin hasn’t left him. Or at least they are not the enemies of the ronin. And when he sees someone in the newspaper wearing an outfit he recently stopped wearing, he needs to investigate — even if he’s only in New York and spending a few days with his kids. Lucky for you, who was under the cloak was Kate Bishop.

Hailee Steinfeld has shown since the first episode that she is one of the best additions to the MCU in 2021.

Kate is the co-star of the series, she has a wonderful life Hailee Steinfeld – which has proven to be one of the best additions to MCU In 2021 (sharing the title with someone we’ll talk about later…). The actress manages to channel Kate’s youthful excitement and sour sense of humor into building a character who, despite being inspired by Clint Barton, has her own personal world and her motives – no matter how intriguing her mother may be, Eleanor bishopYou are underutilized and talent is wasted Vera Farmiga, at least.

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more than one fan – Something that would have ended the image of Kate Bishop from the comics – She is an aspiring heroine who sees this “work” as a perfect opportunity to help those in need and teach a lesson to those who deserve it. You know these things aboutWith great powers come great responsibilities“Yes, sometimes you don’t even need the strength to learn to be responsible.

The bottom line is that the two, as a duo, complement each other in many ways. Clint has the experience of a pro, but it’s Kate who has the life of an apprentice. Clint is serious when he needs to, but Kate has the sense of humor and wit to break the toughest times. And best of all, both Archer Hawks, without weakening or diminishing this other. In fact, it only complements.

Eco will even win his own series on Disney+!

Marvel knows (sometimes) that less is more

As amazing as it was to see only six hours of Clint and Kate interacting, the series continues to evolve with more characters – some unreleased and some very welcome. MCU. Within the first category, we have Maya Lopez From Alaqua Cox – That in the near future he will win his solo series. The fearless and daring new warrior has a tragic origin story and a very personal motivation.

Lopez (or prefix meaning environment, although still not consistent with his heroic comic book name) is an interesting character who reflects the new “face” of the franchise: more inclusive and representative. She is a deaf woman wearing a prosthetic leg. But it’s also so much more than that: the character is peppered with shades of gray, not only because of the mystery of his personality, but also for the way he’s learned to read the world around him.

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Perhaps, for her part, the one thing she doesn’t like very much is the inclusion of a file king of crime. Although it is a pleasure to see a comeback Vincent Donofrio For the role, the character’s presence seems coercive and nothing more than a Easter egg From luxury – in addition to revealing an already common problem in the series marvel: The need to wear a giant comic book character and/or full hero(s) as the hero in the final episode. It may just be Neura, but it emits like a pre-made standard formula and after seeing all four strings Live action or direct event Do this, you are tired.

She’s here!

But having said that, it is interesting to note how Archer Hawk It’s not suggested, at any point, that it’s another extended view of what’s to come Marvel Cinematic Universe – Even a series that presents ideas that are clearly going to be used in the future, such as the Eco series solo on its way or a possible production of Young Avengers. It closes in on itself and is able to enclose (almost) all of its loose ends.

There is still room to link the project to a legacy Black Widowprivate sharing Yelena Belova – which not only steals every second that appears on her, but also lights up in another radiant performance of Florence Boge (a else best addition MCU in 2021). The character’s presence is so amazing that it almost makes us forget how Natasha Romanov’s solo film did not live up to expectations.

for these and others, Archer Hawk It manages to be a clear shot as it puts aside hyperbolic struggles for the fate of the universe and focuses on a simpler task: Clint Barton is screwed up and needs to get home by Christmas. This adds urgency and danger and shows how he has always been the most “real” hero in this universe, an ordinary man who fights alongside gods and monsters.

More than that, it is a perfect opportunity to introduce characters who are just like him and also have their own worlds as well as all the massive chaos going on here. One way or another, either by using Clint Barton or with Kate BishopHowever, the era of Gavião Arqueiros is here to stay and prove that, at times, a little is more – even in a world as massive and imaginative as the one in Casa das Ideias.

Noticeable: 4/ 5

Archer Hawk Available in Disney +.

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