Ganga and Lola spend a lot of time in Europe. There are still expenses for the president's children

Ganga and Lola spend a lot of time in Europe.  There are still expenses for the president's children

On Monday, Sem Rodeios will bring into the discussion the figure responsible for spreading the so-called “fake news” about the right in the country and getting rich at the expense of these lies. Thiago dos Reis, a YouTuber on YouTube, always wears colorful clothes in a Hawaiian style shirt and speaks theatrically as well as gesturing To himself in the third person and using excitement to attract the audience's attention.

We will also talk about the spending of First Lady Ganga and President Lula (PT). Michele Bolsonaro (PL) even criticized the duo's expenses, but federal MP Glessi Hoffmann (PT) suggested that Jair Bolsonaro's (PL) wife was “jealous.”

We will also comment on Brazil not signing the summit declaration that wants peace in Ukraine. The Ukraine Peace Summit, which brought together about 60 world leaders and representatives of 90 governments, concluded on Sunday (16) with a joint declaration calling for the safety of nuclear and maritime transport. But Brazil, 12 other developing countries and Russia's partners in some forums refused to sign the document.

Starts at 2pm, live.

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