GameShark is back with AI to innovate the gaming experience

GameShark is back with AI to innovate the gaming experience

GameShark, the popular cheat tool, will be making a triumphant return, now under the name Ai Shark, promising to revolutionize the gaming experience by including… artificial intelligence (I for).

The announcement was made in collaboration with audio company Altec Lansing, marking a strategic partnership to improve not only the cheating aspect, but also the sound quality during gaming sessions.

Raise the level of play

In an official statement, Ai Shark revealed that its new tool for games It will use exclusive XGPT technology and real-time TPU acceleration.

This innovative combination aims to provide users, especially beginners, with a more interactive game and personalized assistance during fast-paced competitive matches.

Unlike older versions that tinkered with the hardware, using mods and codes, the new Ai Shark aims to help players get better over time.

Designed specifically for casual gamers, the company highlights that artificial intelligence, supercomputers and an exceptional programming team will be the key to surpassing the original GameShark's wins by up to ten times.

Furthermore, Ai Shark surprised by announcing that its standalone software will be compatible with a variety of peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and headsets, providing a personalized experience for every gamer.

The official reveal from Ai Shark and Altec Lansing also brought an additional surprise by noting that the launch of the new GameShark is “scheduled to coincide with”Nintendo Switch 2' In September 2024.”

However, famous journalist Jason Schreier explained that such information is nothing more than “guess” on the part of Ai Shark.

Although this has raised curiosity about the potential launch of Nintendo's next hybrid console, speculation suggests that the company was only making rough predictions, without specific information about the “Nintendo Switch 2” release date.

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The return of GameShark, now powered by artificial intelligence, is sure to generate high expectations in the gaming world, with fans eagerly waiting to try out this new approach to cheating and optimization.

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