Galaxy M32 with a large battery WhatsApp linked to Instagram and + | Planto TC # 63

Galaxy M32 with a large battery WhatsApp linked to Instagram and + |  Planto TC # 63

April has already come to an end with a lot of news in the tech world. The main certificate is the first certification for Galaxy M32 Received in the last few days. Additionally, Facebook has implemented new integrations for its social networks.

Meanwhile, in the Chinese market, the price of a new player from Redmi has leaked. In addition, Xiaomi has launched bikes that are cheaper than cell phones. Moreover, a Tesla autopilot accident killed two people in Texas. Stay up to date on this and more information now, on Duty TC.

WhatsApp and Instagram merging in the future?

It looks like Facebook really intends to integrate all of its services in the future. We saw a few days ago Join Messenger with Instagram Direct. Now the social network Tests for standardizing native messaging conversations with WhatsApp. Information hidden in the app already indicates that new is on the way. The results indicate a personalized WhatsApp conversation inside Messenger.

So far, you shouldn’t be able to merge the two apps, but the source has already included an image showing what the conversation between the two tools would look like. As you can see, its main highlight is the exchange of the predominant blue of Messenger for the most vibrant green of WhatsApp.

At the moment, there are no expectations for the feature to be launched, but you can now prepare to see WhatsApp and Instagram fully integrated in the future, along with the company’s other platforms.

An accident with an autopilot kills two

One Tesla car accident Two people were killed in Texas. The collision of the car occurred while there was no driver in the driver’s seat, that is, the car was on autopilot when the collision occurred. According to the authorities, the preliminary information shows that the car is traveling at a high speed. When it was unable to turn, it left the highway and collided with a tree, which led to the outbreak of a fire and the death of the two.

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But that wasn’t the only news the week caught fire. Vivo Y20 has entered a full charge Spontaneous combustion at Hong Kong airport And imposed a ban by the Chinese government on the manufacturer to export any cell phone, until the reason is proven. Everything indicates that the battery may be directly connected to the truth, but the cause of the fire still cannot be known with certainty.

A smart phone from Samsung Exploded in a boy’s bag in China. The model was the Galaxy J5 Prime, which ended up inside the backpack and even affected the man’s hair, eyelashes and skin. Samsung didn’t release a note on the matter until this video was produced, but the consumer himself was unable to notify the company of what had happened. The week wasn’t easy about the tech explosions.

Redmi gamer with Dimensity 1200 at an affordable price?

The first Redmi gaming phone Some details have been revealed in the past few days. Among them is MediaTek’s Dimensity 1200 mobile platform. Other details related to the price, which has already been leaked by Chinese sources. The index indicates a cost equivalent to R $ 1,720 in direct transfer, excluding Brazilian taxes.

Informants also guarantee that the device will also come with a Samsung AMOLED E4 display. But what is the difference in that? The highlight here will be support for content reproduction with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

At the moment, there is no confirmed launch date for the device, but we can wait for it to arrive until the end of this month in April to see how the Xiaomi sub-brand will appear in the gaming segment.

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Xiaomi announced two electric bikes

And speaking of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi Advertised two electric bikes She confirmed that it is expected to be sold in other countries outside of China soon. The new scooters are called the A1 and A1 Pro, and they both come with LED headlights, single seats and alloy wheels.

It is also accompanied by smart features, such as the presence of the Global Positioning System (GPS), support for voice commands, and a Full HD camera, so that the user can record the entire route.

The difference between the two is in the autonomy. The base limit is 60 kilometers on payload, while the Pro can travel up to 70 kilometers. Another advantage is the price. Their values ​​vary from the equivalent of 2,500 Rials to R $ 3,400 at the current exchange rate. Cheaper than a lot of cell phones, right?

Human monkey embryos live in a laboratory

Researchers I managed to develop the embryonic cells of a human monkey in the laboratory. In other words, cells will be fertilized with elements of two different types. Three embryos were able to survive a record time during the test: a total of 19 days.

The scientists’ goal is that human and animal hybrids will be able to provide samples for drug testing and human organ development for transplantation in the future. However, it is the kind of experiment that divides scientists for ethical reasons. However, this is another advance in science and technology that could make future contributions to medicine.

The Galaxy M32 received the first certification

Economy and the market
April 19

Can Redmi LAN

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January 20

Galaxy M32 with the first certification

Time to talk about the main topic of this week. Galaxy M32 He got his first certification In a security company. The approval relates to the cell phone battery and promises a very long life for this model, as is already the case in the Samsung M line. The document indicates a capacity of 6000 mAh, which should guarantee long hours of life in return for charging.

Although it looks like a brand new device, this smartphone may not be the unknown. The other specifications indicate that the device should only be an A32 with a larger battery. And if so, we can already expect a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display and MediaTek Helio G80 mobile platform.

So far, Samsung hasn’t commented on the rumors, which still keeps a secret of what the phone will actually be like. Everything indicates that the Galaxy M32 should go official in India soon. Once we get more details, you’ll stay up-to-date with our news here on

So, what do you expect from the future Galaxy M32? Do you think it will succeed in the market? What are your expectations for this model’s battery life? Be sure to comment with us on this and other topics of the week.

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