Gabriel Medina declares himself to Jasmine Brunet after criticism from his mother, and the couple receives advice from Luisa Brunet; Come read on

Gabriel Medina declares himself to Jasmine Brunet after criticism from his mother, and the couple receives advice from Luisa Brunet;  Come read on

Gabriel Medina decided to announce himself to his wife Yasmine Brunet on Tuesday (11), amid an argument between his mother Simon Medina. In an Instagram post with several photos of the couple, the surfer melt for the blonde, praised his “heart and personality,” and appeared to send a slight hint in the caption.

I love your heart and personality. Features are rare these days. God was very good to me. I love youHe wrote. With all the controversy, the model’s mother, Luisa Brunet, showed up in the comments to advise the couple.

“Gabriel and Jasmine are very calm, love resists everything. Family troubles [são] More common than you think. Everything passes and God puts everything in its place. Love cures everything. I wish you a lot of health, peace and strengthening. We are going through a long period of time with close people around the world lost to Covid. A painful moment, only with so much love and respect can we heal. ”The actress wrote.

Luisa Brunet spoke about the case between Gabriel Medina and Jasmine and Simone. (Image: Play / YouTube)
It continues after the announcement

Understand the situation

In February this year, Gabriel Medina e Yasmine Brunet Stop following the surfer’s mother, Simon, and his stepfather Charles Seldanha, on social media. Recently, disputes between spouses and family Athlete He appeared in the media, including rumors that he cut $ 200,000 from his mother. Now, Simon has given her copy of the case.

In an interview with the journalist Leo DiasReleased Monday (10), Simon Medina said her relationship with her son changed after they met Jasmine in 2020. The two officially voted in Hawaii in January this year. The mother also indicated that the relationship would be “dominating” the blonde’s part. She arrived for the weekend and never left his house. They live in a relationship of control. He doesn’t even talk to his sister anymore. “, shooting.

It continues after the announcement

Simon went further at Brunet. “I took him away from everyone. He specifies what he should eat. I never went to Gabriel’s house uninvited and without warning. He lived away from me for seven years. We are not talking now because of all this. We are a company, but we are now dissolving this company.”, I assumed. For Medina’s mom, Jasmine “reproduces what she used to live at home” in these supposed relationship practices.

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Gabriel Medina Yasmine Brunet 2
According to Gabrielle Medina’s mother, his relationship would have changed after marrying Yasmine Brunet. (Image: Play / Instagram)

She still had to answer if that was the case Uncharitable As for the religions and beliefs of the sons’ daughters – Jasmine and Bruna Burdini, are married to Felipe Medina. “I am a Christian for 24 years, I have never had a problem with their religion and I never put my faith in my throat. I am 51 years old and I will not worry about that. I take care of my institute. (Madina Gabriel Institute)I go up to the slums, help those who need it most. I don’t want your world that thrives on carrion. Gabriel is already on his way. Now, he pays everything to Felipe. And each of them decided to follow their own path. We resolve each one to live their life. We work together, we win together, we dream together. Now is the time to let Sophia dream. “I noticed.

It continues after the announcement

Simon denies the allowance

Also during the conversation, Simon denied receiving this allowance from her son and spoke about the implications of the case. I am not famous, I don’t want to be famous and I am not going to feed this kind of news, but they are not progressing. I have not received a replacement for Gabriel of R $ 200,000, I am simply a partner at SGM Sports [Simone Gabriel Medina Esportes: empresa de consultoria esportiva e gestão empresarial, aberta em 2014], He said.

My Gabriel Medina 1
Following the rumors, Simon denied that he would receive a “bonus” from his son, Gabriel Medina. (Image: Play / Instagram)

“My husband and I invested a lot early in his career. Gabrielle was not yet in debt. My husband (Charles, married to Simon for 19 years), coached him from the start of his life until last year, and he didn’t earn a penny. Everyone attacked my husband, but he won nothing.”Speaking of Charles Seldanha’s involvement in city life, she added that for 16 years he was a surf coach.

It continues after the announcement

I am not a victim of myself. I am a mother who always raises my children with dignity and personality. When we form a partnership and do something, we want it to succeed, we think it will. But with Gabriel it was for love, to see the son’s dream come true, without even knowing what was going to happen. Anyway, how good it worked! But every success story needs a solid initial foundation, and if not, then nothing is going well. ”Simon concluded.

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Yasmine Brunet publishes “obscure” posts after comments

Everything suggests that Yasmine Brunet did not like her mother-in-law’s comments at all. And published on social networking sites several texts and mysterious messages that seemed to indicate the situation they are going through. “When they can’t manipulate you, they’ll try to manipulate others to make them think badly of you.”One of the texts said. “Sometimes people pretend you’re a bad person, so they don’t have to feel guilty about what they did to you.”, She continued her determination.

It continues after the announcement

Yasmine also addressed the topic of spirituality – which coincides with Simon’s statements about being Christian. “Talking about God is easy and beautiful, but what is really beautiful is the presence of God in your life. Because it is pointless to fill in the profile with beautiful words, if you do not live in life what you preach. For me, a good testimony is that which is lived, because talking even a parrot speaks “Brunet co. Check it out below:

Yasmine Brunet Mai Medina
Yasmine Bruni posted reflective photos on Instagram. (Image: Play / Instagram)

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