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President Box Federal economist Pedro Guimaraes has announced that the bank does not intend to increase the interest rate Mortgage, Even as Selic increased from 2% to 2.75% at the last meeting of the central bank’s monetary policy committee (Copom), and close to a fresh high at the next meeting scheduled for May.

At the moment, we are not discussing an increase in interest rates. We will be able to make adjustments, but for the time being we will not have higher rates. […] Even with the possibility of an interest rate hike soon, there is no [vamos subir as taxas]Said Guimarães.

Caixa currently offers four home finance lines, which are:

Type of real estate financing Currently charged fees
TR (reference price) TR (currently zero) + flat rate (ranges between 6.25% annually and 8% annually)
IPCA (Consumer Price Index) Static IPCA + variance (ranging between 2.95% per year and 4.95% per year)
savings Savings Bonus (today at 1.92% per annum) + flat rate (ranges from 3.35% per year to 3.99% per annum)
Fixed exchange rate Flat rate (ranges from 8% annually to 9.75% annually)
  1. The traditional linked reference price (TR) currently yellowed, plus a flat rate;
  2. Linked to the Consumer Price Index (IPCA);
  3. Linked to a savings bonus;
  4. Method without indexer, which has a fixed rate.

Why does Caixa keep the benefit even as Selic’s price increases?

The bank president explained how each real estate line of credit works to say why Caixa’s rates are not increasing at the moment. Guimarães said both the saving-related option and the IPCA-related option have indicators that naturally track an increase in the rate of Selic.

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The line indexed to TR tends to increase when the rate of Selic increases, but the effect of increase in base benefit in TR is less. In any case, the methods also have fixed rates, as well as indicators, and according to Caixa Head, fixed interest rates shouldn’t change anytime soon, which helps those who dream of financing a home.

A new line for microcredit

The Caixa President also announced the opening of a new microcredit line that is expected to reach nearly 30 million low-income citizens, with an average rate of between 3% and 3.5% per month. “We will have the largest microcredit operation, which will be carried out exclusively by digital bank Caixa Team, and will affect 10 to 30 million Brazilians,” he said.

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