From Mourinho to Alcaraz, Netflix announces new sports productions; See the full list

From Mourinho to Alcaraz, Netflix announces new sports productions;  See the full list

a Netflix This week it announced a series of launches in the world of sports. At an event in the United Kingdom, the service presented exclusive behind-the-scenes productions with characters, leagues, and teams.

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On the list, for example, are two documentaries focusing on the giants of the sport: The Football Coach Jose Mourinho And tennis player Carlos Alcaraz. Both will highlight their careers, with ups and downs, until success.

Another confirmed attraction is the second season of the series Six Nations: Full accessWhich goes behind the scenes of Europe's best rugby teams.

The documentary was critically acclaimed Indescribable It will come to the UK to bring you all about the epic events and personalities of the world of football, with stories that will go beyond the headlines and upend what we thought we knew.

Finally, the long-awaited documentary Final: The attack on Wembley It will be released in May 2024. The film will depict one of the greatest and most tense moments in English football history from the perspective of those who were there through user-generated content, archives and interviews.

This news complements Netflix's global sports programming, featuring previously released and announced titles such as Beckham; Tour of France: At the heart of the species; Golf days; Quarterback; Sunderland until I die; Among others.

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