Francis establishes a catechism service

The Vatican Media Office announced that on Tuesday, 11 May, the Motu Proprio “Antiquum Ministerium” will be presented to the media. In 2018, the Pope has already spoken of the need to give this service an institutional dimension in the Church

Alessandro de Carolis – Vatican News

The Pope has been holding this topic in his heart for several years, and he spoke about it in a video message to participants at an international conference on the topic, in 2018, when he categorically declared that “the teacher of education is an invitation.” “Being a teacher, this is the invitation and not Work As an educational teacher. “

Then he added that “this form of service that takes place in the Christian community” should be recognized “as the true and true service of the Church.” Condemnation matured in the form of Motu proprio Old service Which will be presented next Tuesday (05/11) in the Vatican Press Room, in the presence of Archbishop Reno Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council to Promote the New Evangelization, and Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz-van Elst, Delegate of Christian Education. From the monastery.

On the front line

Therefore, Motu Proprio will formally establish the Christian Education Service, develop the missionary dimension of the laity that the Second Vatican Council wants. The role that, Francisco said in the video message, is the responsibility of the “first advertisement”. In the context of “religious indifference – as the Pope pointed out – his word will always be the first revelation that reaches the hearts and minds of many people waiting to meet Christ.”

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After the community

A service that we must live with the intensity of faith and a societal dimension, as was emphasized on January 31 by the audience of participants in the meeting promoted by the Department of National Education at the Italian Episcopal Conference. “This is the moment – as the Pope said – to be artisans in open societies who know how to appreciate the talents of each one of them. It is time for missionary societies, free and selfish, that do not seek convenience or merit, but walk the people of our time, leaning on the periphery.

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