France and the United Kingdom transfer warships to the island of Jersey due to a fishing rights dispute | Newspaper

The states intervened after French fishermen said they were unjustly prevented from sailing the waters of Jersey Island and threatened to use their boats to close the island’s main port.

According to them, the UK authorities, responsible for issuing the new permits, began to refuse many applications, which surprised the workers – only 41 out of 344 boats received the new license.

France and the United Kingdom transfer warships to the island of Jersey – Photo: Clone / T at Globo

The island authorities claimed that many had failed to demonstrate that they had a historical connection to that fishing area and that they had distributed licenses under the new rules.

The French government says that “conditions not foreseen in the post-Brexit agreement have been implemented.” He asks the British to “respect the commitments they have made.”

Fishing has always been one of the most sensitive issues in negotiating a post-Brexit trade agreement. But this is the first episode of diplomatic tension between the French and the British in the English Channel.

French fisherman on Jersey Island – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

In response to the United Kingdom and the ban on fishing, France threatened to cut off the light from the island, as 95% of the territory’s electricity comes from three large submarine cables leaving France.

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