France accuses England of “blackmail” and calls for an end to the “vaccine war”

French Foreign and European Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian speaks at a joint press conference in Paris, France on March 11, 2021. Via Ludovic Marin / Pool REUTERS / File Photo

French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, The United Kingdom on Friday accused AstraZeneca of being a “threat” over vaccines., Due to a “problem” of lack of second levels for the English who had already received the first.

“You can not play with blackmail like that because they rushed to vaccinate as many people as possible with the first dose. Now they are a bit unfavorable because they are not second,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told Radio France. Information.

“They rushed to get vaccinated (…) Now they have a second dose which is detrimental to them”

“The UK is proud to say they were slightly vaccinated with the first dose, except they have a problem with the second issue. You are vaccinated when you receive both doses. Today, France and the United Kingdom have the same number of people vaccinated with two doses, ”he added.

According to the latest data available, 5.3% of British adults and 5% of French adults have both levels.

Vaccinated with AstraZeneca in France.  REUTERS
Vaccinated with AstraZeneca in France. REUTERS

Le Trian “should reach a cooperative relationship with the United Kingdom so that AstraZeneca complies with the agreements signed with the EU, and each is satisfied.”

“I hope we will find a deal. It is unbelievable to wage a vaccination war between England and Europe,” he added.

“A vaccination war between the UK and Europe would be unbelievable”

Last week, France resumed vaccinating its residents for more than 55 years with tests from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca., After being certified by the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) Vaccine safety and efficacy.

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Re-vaccination with the Astrogeneca trial in France occurred just hours before the start of the new prison. A month-long rule in Paris and other regions against the COVID-19 eruption It has hospitals close to the slopes.

Millions of hidden levels in Italy

On Wednesday, Italian authorities discovered a 29-million-dose AstraZeneca vaccine hidden in a Catalan plant in Anagni and were ready to be shipped to the UK.

Following an investigation by the European Commission, the “La Stampa” newspaper bred others, and this amount of vaccines could make a difference on both sides of the canal: twice as much (16.6 million) so far as the distribution to the EU (EU) by the Anglo-Swedish company; According to the British, these vials were necessary to guarantee a second level to nearly 15 million citizens. Otherwise, the continuity of the immunization program may be compromised.

The exterior of the Catalant plant, where millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were allegedly discovered on March 24, 2021, in Anagni, Italy.  REUTERS / Yara Nardi
The exterior of the Catalant plant, where millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were allegedly discovered on March 24, 2021, in Anagni, Italy. REUTERS / Yara Nardi

This stock invention of the Anglo-Swedish needle was derived from the work of the curator Theory Breton, Who visited the Leiden plant in the Netherlands, which is managed by Holix. It is one of two plants used by the pharmaceutical company to produce drugs on social soil, and the other is located in Senep, Belgium.

The problem is that the plant has not yet received accreditation from a European pharmaceutical company, and Brussels suspects the lack of data to authorize it is part of a maneuver to direct production to the UK.

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Without EMA approval, the quantities could not be delivered to EU countries, but to the UK, which would have actually imported vaccines produced in the Dutch factory in the last months of last year.

(With information from AFP)

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