Four months later, the green light for VW – 09/04/2022

Four months later, the green light for VW - 09/04/2022

Four months later, the green light for Volkswagen

Automaker ends mass furloughs and invites employees to return to work after sales show signs of recovery

Beatrice Merrill
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09/04/2022 | 08:24

Volkswagen workers will have a full working day in September. Since May, the company has imposed mass furloughs for employees due to a shortage of electronic components and parts. A decision was agreed this month between ABC Metalworkers Union and the automaker, which ensured that the pace of production at the Sao Bernardo plant would not be reduced. New meetings will be scheduled monthly between the entities to determine if production will continue uninterrupted.

Volkswagen gave mass furloughs to 3,000 employees due to a lack of electronic parts and components to end production of the vehicles at the end of the first half of 2022. The measure was implemented between June 27 and July 7. At the same time, the union negotiated with factory management in June to reduce working hours to accompany the salary cut. Earlier, in May, the automaker removed 2,500 metal specialists for the same reason.

In addition to the semiconductor issue, Volkswagen is struggling to sell its car production in Argentina. The factory management had already indicated that September would be full. The surprise we had was that Volkswagen was unable to dock the ship in Argentina for political reasons. This problem cannot be the workers’ problem,” explained, in a note, the union representation coordinator, José Roberto Nogueira da Silva.

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