Four celebrities compete for the last two spots at A Fazenda 13

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The premiere of the new season of farm. Oh the reality of the countryside TV recording Starts on September 14th by order of Adrien Galistio.

The big news of the thirteenth edition is the number of participants: in total, 22 famous people compete for the grand prize. But two of them will be chosen differently.

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According to the columnist Leo Dias, four aspiring infantrymen will live in the bay once they are ordained. They take part in a popular vote and the two best people (a man and a woman) join the 20 celebrities who will be at the headquarters.

The direction of the program has already chosen the chosen people: blogger Stefan Matos, rap singer Kronk, to the digital influencer Mah Tavares and the dancer Alison Jordan.

The dynamic is new to A Fazenda and has similarities to the Casa de Vidro, which was present in some versions of Big Brother Brasil.

The presumed participants of the attraction are: Nego do Borel, Aline Mineiro, Marina Ferrari, Solange Gomes, Tiago Silva, Mussunzinho, Victor Pecoraro, Arcrebiano Araújo, Dayane Mello, Mileide Mihaile, Liziane Tierrez, Tati Quebra Barraco, Medrado, Valentinaavillas, Gabi Dinho Alves, Mac Guy, Guy Araujo, Rico Melquiades and Guy Napolitano.

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