Found mummy 17th century bishop with human embryo

Winstrup and put the fetus in his coffin. (Krzewinska et al., J. Archaeol. Sci. Rep., 2021)

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In 1679, the Bishop of Lund Bedder Pedersen Weinstrope, of the churches of Sweden and Denmark, passed away. However, being a respected and revered man, his body was posthumously embalmed and entered into the vault of the Lund Family Cathedral. For those who do not understand the topic, I can assume everything was in best order.

But in 2012 the discovery was made. The moment they were transporting Winstrup’s coffin, the researchers took a unique opportunity to study their remains a little more. But while examining the remains, the scientists found a small trace that did not belong to the Lund Bieder fetus.

Fetal Mystery and Mummified Bishop

The fetus is found among calves between 5 and 6 months of pregnancy. At the time, it was very common to find the remains of babies, but as long as they were kept with their mother. What intrigued the researchers was that the reason the fetus was hidden in the coffin of an important person at the time.

The child was not placed in the lining of the coffin in any way, but was hidden, as if no one knew he was there. According to archaeologist Torbjörn Ahlström from Lund University in Sweden, the practice of placing children in coffins with adults is not uncommon. The suspicion that the fetus was placed after burial.


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