Fossils reveal two new species of dinosaurs in the UK

Fossils reveal two new species of dinosaurs in the UK

Two new species of “spinosaurus” – a type of carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous (145 million to 66 million years ago) – were discovered by British archaeologists. The dinosaur fossils were excavated from the Isle of Wight, England, about 145 km from London, and are described in the new ones. Paper Written by the University of Southampton.

The area is rich in fossils of very different types: between 2013 and 2017, about 50 fossils were removed, thanks to an area known as the “Formation of Wessex” that has been around since the beginning of the Cretaceous and is well exposed, making it easy for archaeologists and archaeologists to enter. It was in this region that they discovered the surprisingly complete fossil Paryonics, Which was established as a hot spot for Isle of Wight experts.


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a’s “nose” Non-standard serotonin, Dinosaur found in the Isle of Wight in southern England (Image: Chris Parker / University of Southampton / Breeding)

According to Chris Baker, archaeologist and associate professor at the University of Southampton PaperHowever, the two fossils found are different ParyonicsBut, within themselves, the region claims to bring “more animal diversity than previously thought.”

Co-author of the paper, Darren Naeesh (an ancient expert on dinosaurs of the species) Spinozaridae, Appropriate for two discoveries), the results are expected and surprising: “We have been waiting for decades to find out that this type of dinosaur is here, but we have found the remains of two animals of that size. Being nearby was really amazing.

Dinosaurs are classified as “spinosaurs” common to the United Kingdom, but predatory carnivores already found everywhere (including Brazil) are known for their long jaws. Experts say this form has helped them catch prey underground and under water, making their diet very varied.

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“A common or varied diet may include a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial prey and may be affected by individual size or habitat. [dos dinossauros]Says part of a study published in Scientific reports. “There is a notion that spinosorites’ evolved largely aquatic during evolution and that their taxonomy has learned to engage in specific hunting underwater.”

Named for two new species “Non-standard serotonin“(Translation:” Hell Heron with crocodile face “) and”Riparovenator milnerae”(“ Riverside Hunter ”). This is because the behavior of this type of dinosaur is similar to the behavior of herons on fish, small waterfalls and riverbanks (where they do not need to dive), but they do “bite” on dry land with rodents and some insects.

The fossils are often incomplete, but that does not prevent the finders from counting an average of nine meters for both animals. Experts’ research also says gender Spinozaridae – Includes two dinosaurs from England – Originally formed in Europe before migrating to other continents.

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