Formula 1 – UK Grand Prix with home drivers on the podium

Formula 1 – UK Grand Prix with home drivers on the podium

The British Grand Prix once again showed the dominance of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull and a poor result for the other Red Bull as Sergio Pérez finished the race in P6. But aside from the pathetic race from Ferrari and the mighty Williams, it was McLaren who surprised Lando Norris by finishing P2 and Piastri who finished P4 behind Lewis Hamilton in P3. Oh and yes, the first podium with two Brits, at Silverstone, since 1999.

Perhaps because it is a country that I also consider my own, or perhaps because it is one of the best episodes of the calendar for me, I have lived UK Grand Prix Like I don’t live another person during my Formula 1 year. Maybe that’s also why I couldn’t hide the happiness of seeing two McLaren On the front line and Lando Norris He even led the first laps of the Grand Prix, eventually watching Norris and Hamilton on the podium.

Formula 1 – British Grand Prix


Formula 1

a McLaren. It’s just not worth thinking about another team or another result. You upgrades that Team Woking brought to the Grand Prix shows that by continuing on this path they are ready to battle the other 17 cars filling up network… I say 17 because the car Max Verstappen Still on top without major problems, but by continuing this way and with Red Bull It takes some time to bring your own upgradesthe Dutch driver may start to sweat to stop the team with the papaya cars.

About McLaren, I would also like to say that I was in shock when the team decided to put on hard compound tires a few laps from the end (during Safety car) instead of the soft compound on Lando Norris’ car. Max, in the foreground, turned soft and Hamilton, on P3 at the time, too. For a moment, I thought Hamilton had managed to overtake his compatriot and climb to P2, but the truth is McLaren’s strategy was right: knowing their cars are prone to tire heat and wear at breakneck speed on the hard compound. It turned out to be the right choice, even if it was right Oscar Biastri He came close to passing Lewis Hamilton and giving McLaren a well-deserved P2 and P3. It didn’t happen, but the future looks bright.

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Also a note about the upgrades that the williams He discreetly got into his car: Another home team with an excellent score. Albon He ended up on P8, two ahead FerrariTo Tifosi’s chagrin, W.J Sergeant Logan behind the Scuderia at p11. great.

The result was good for Hamilton on the individual level too, who started in P7, dropped to P9 and managed to take part in the podium festivities by finishing in P3.

Formula 1.5

I will have to allocate this space to another home team. with your headquarters in Silverstone Aston Martin Looks like he’s back. If at the beginning of the year it was an Aston Alonso Which seemed to give Max Verstappen and Red Bull some work now, particularly at this Grand Prix of the United Kingdom, the roles were reversed and Alonso had to use all the skills he had to finish in P7 and not far behind the Williams of Albon.

actually stroll wander He finished 14th after a 5-second penalty for ending the race Pierre Gasly It’s also a day Alpine wants to quickly forget after both of its cars failed to finish the race.

Aston Martin needs to look at what they have, see if there’s anything to change, and come back stronger in Hungary… if it wants to keep fighting for P2 in the constructors’ table with the flames burning. If you don’t want that, Mercedes thanks you.

Karting on Sunday

In the last text I asked you to read, I ended the section “Formula 1.5” in the same way as I will begin this section:

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“Oh Ferrari, che scocco”

The Italian designer continues to move backwards, and although McLaren is about 100 points ahead of McLaren in the fight for P4 between carmakers, it is necessary to be careful because if everything continues as it is, it is entirely possible that it could happen in a handful of practitioners. The two years the conversation will be another.

Whether it’s bad luck, wrong strategies, some misunderstanding between two drivers who both want to be the main driver or even a lack of control on the part of the team making it all happen simultaneously, I don’t know… just know that Ferrari Need to stop, take a deep breath and start showing, finally, why it is one of the most historic and accomplished teams, in the world of Formula 1.

Because looks, it’s one thing for Haas to be inconsistent, or even that Alpha Tauri won’t be able to get out of bad results… It’s another thing for Ferrari, Ferrari, to be where they are and, more importantly, how to be. sadness.

Formula 1 World Championship – Top 10 Drivers

position pilot a team points
1 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing RBPT 255
two Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing RBPT 156
3 Fernando Alonso Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 137
4 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 121
5 Carlos Sainz Ferrari 83
6 George Russell Mercedes 82
7 Charles Locklear Ferrari 74
8 Lance Picnic Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 44
9 Lando Norris McLaren Mercedes 42
10 Esteban Ocon Renault Alpine 31

Formula 1 World Championship – Top 5 Teams

position a team points
1 Red Bull Racing RBPT 411
two Mercedes 203
3 Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 181
4 Ferrari 157
5 McLaren Mercedes 59

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