Former Tchan blonde remembers the group’s departure: ‘It wasn’t glamorous’ – celebrity

Former Tchan blonde remembers the group's departure: 'It wasn't glamorous' - celebrity
Selmara Miranda (Image: clone/Instagram)

Selmara Miranda Ex blonde from chan. The dancer has passed a public competition and now works as an agent for the Federal Highway Police (PRF) in Brasilia. She fondly remembered her years as a member of the group and the friendship she had built with Compadre Washington and Beto Jamaica.

Before taking on the position of blonde Tchan, Silmara taught dance classes in gyms. I entered a place Sheila Milo 2003 and stayed for four years. In an interview with UOL, Miranda recalled some of the moments he experienced with the participating group:

“We went to perform in New York, during the snow season. We performed in Portugal and the carnival in Salvador was always an indescribable emotion. There was also a recording of the 10th anniversary of o Tchan, which brought all the others together the former members. Special”

Selmara Miranda

But it is not all flowers. The PRF agent was born in Brasilia, but moved to Salvador, in order to fulfill her obligations to the group. She also remembered some of the sacrifices she had to make to be a part of Tchan:

“Sometimes we rode the bus and spent the whole day traveling to get to a city in the interior of the Northeast. It was hours on the road. I saw my life go by. I thought, ‘I’m wasting the whole day in it all so much fun, as I was On stage and dancing. It was a very good time in my life.”

Silmara Miranda in Tchan’s days and later as a PRF agent (Image: Redproduo/Twitter)

The Brazilians told her what prompted her to leave the group, instead of signing for another four years: “I was studying journalism in college, I really wanted to be a mother, and Chan was going through a moment of change. Time without travel. It bothers me. It was a turbulent period for me. To Chan… Everything conspired for me to not want to renew the contract for another four years.

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Today, having passed a public competition with her daughter, she is very sought after on social networks by other “collaborators” who dream of agreeing to a position: “Keep persistent and determined with a lot of discipline and positive thinking. This concern that we feel during the study that no Nothing compared to all the good that comes next. For a lifetime.”

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