Former Queen of Unidos de Padre Miguel, Thalita Zampiroli gets her position at SP Carnival | Today in Folia

Former Queen of Unidos de Padre Miguel, Thalita Zampiroli gets her position at SP Carnival |  Today in Folia
Thaletta Zampiroli was announced as queen of the samba school Camisa Verde e BrancoIgor Wali / Disclosure

Published 06/06/2024 10:27 | Updated on 06/06/2024 at 10:36

RIO – Thalita Zampiroli will shine at next year's São Paulo Carnival. After losing her position as queen of drums in Unidos de Padre Miguel, the actress has been announced as queen of the Camisa Verde e Branco samba school and will parade on the floor in front of the open-wing car. The businesswoman who will be crowned on Saturday (8) does not hide her happiness with her position in the association.


“I've always loved Carnival since I was little! But I admit I never imagined myself at São Paulo Carnival, and even more so in the Paulista Carnival superhero that is Camisa Verde e Branco. It was a surprise for me.” I know that a lot of people in São Paulo admired me as a queen, and I had no idea about any of this, and I never imagined that we would come this far, I believe that everything we do with love and truth grows, flourishes and spreads the community,” the beauty revealed.

The invitation was made by carnival artist Kahi Rodrigues, who after eleven years returns to the São Paulo parades and will be responsible for developing and presenting the plot of the biographical plot of the singer Kazuza in Anhembi. “Thalita Zampiroli is the face of Carnival. She is an essential image that, in addition to her beauty, carries with her a story of struggle and resistance. Yes, showing that representation matters! I am happy to have her with me in São Paulo. It will be a historic Carnival for all of us.”

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In addition to Kahi, other people participated in Thalita's arrival: João Ferro, carnival director and vice president, and Erica Ferro, head of the school. “It's Thalita's first carnival here in São Paulo, so we decided to make her the queen of the school and she will come down to the ground in front of the open-wing car to open our show with her joy, samba on her feet and striving for victory,” said Erica: “With everyone, we love the green and white shirt, I'm sure That everything went well.”

In addition to performing at the São Paulo Carnival, Thalita will also lead the Capixaba Carnival as the Chigo Drum Queen or Que Valtava.

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