Former BBB Lucas Bissoli became a doctor at SUS

Former BBB Lucas Bissoli became a doctor at SUS

Photo: Instagram/Lucas Pesoli/Biboka Moderna

Former Lucas Pesoli surprised his followers by showing his medical routine on social media, revealing that he is receiving care in a basic health unit, through the Unified Health System, in his hometown, Vila Velha, in Espirito Santo.

“Nothing happens by chance; every step has a purpose,” Lucas, wearing a lab coat and sharing the hashtag “SUS,” wrote when sharing daily records at UBS.

Love of medicine

Just over a year after becoming famous for his participation in “Big Brother Brasil 22”, the influencer returned to medical school in July this year. “It’s about loving what you do,” he said at the time. “I’m back!”

Lucas Pisoli had dropped out of medical school when he entered BBB22. After leaving the program, he also started making money by creating digital content, but he did not leave aside his biggest dream in life: to become a doctor.

In the comments, fans were thrilled with the news. “You are definitely an inspiration,” one fan commented, while another joked: “This way, the line at SUS will get longer.”

In addition to practicing as a doctor, Lukas also continues his relationship with Slovenian model Marquez. They met during confinement in Globo and have been together ever since.

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