Former BBB Arthur Piccoli paid a year’s rent in advance for a luxury home: ‘I’ve won three BBB awards’ | Television and celebrities

Former BBB Arthur Piccoli paid a year’s rent in advance for a luxury home: ‘I’ve won three BBB awards’ |  Television and celebrities

Arthur Piccoli talks about the new house: “One year rent in advance of 200k” – Image: Reproduction / Instagram

Arthur Piccoli has been thriving and happy with his new achievements for 3 years. The BBB 21 participant did not win a prize for his version, but he revealed to gshow that in three years he has already earned the equivalent of about three facts outside the house, that is, more than $4.5 million.

Working outside the home, he was able to pay R$200,000 in cash for the rent of his new house in São Paulo for a year. He has already bought a luxury apartment in Rio de Janeiro, a car worth R$700,000 and opened a business.

The swimming pool in Arthur Piccoli’s new house is about the palace – Photo: personal archive

His latest acquisition is the rental of a luxury home of over 500 square meters in Campinas, São Paulo. The mansion has 5 bedrooms, a swimming pool, BBQ facilities, a cinema, a nightclub and plenty of amenities. The businessman intends to live in the city for a year:

“I paid 12 months’ rent in cash. The amount was R$200,000. I never said I bought it. My greatest achievement is being able to start living here in Campinas and being able to pay a year’s rent in advance, without wasting it in the future. my life. “I’m very happy with where I live, it’s a fulfilling moment.”

Arthur Piccoli’s new house in Campinas – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Arthur talks about how he managed to become a millionaire, even without winning the show:

Arthur with his 700,000 car and 200,000 house: “Moment of Realization” – Image: Clone/Instagram

Arthur explains why cities change:

“I like novelty and adventure and I wanted to get to know São Paulo a little more. Campinas is quiet, I wanted to come and spend a season, get my head straight and build some roots.” Crosvetero even showed in his stories that he received a gift from his neighbor and that he loves his new home.

Arthur Piccoli details his new home in Campinas

He also maintains an apartment in Rio de Janeiro and intends to return there in 2024, when he will launch a new project:

“I have a company and friends in Rio, and soon I intend to return to my apartment there. I will open a compounding pharmacy in Rio de Janeiro. Huge investment of half a million.”

Arthur in his small apartment, before the BBB – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The former BBB reveals that nowadays he actually has the financial stability to be able to do some work.

“Accepting a lot of money to do something is very complicated. You have to think about the pros and cons. You have a contract with some company that locks you out of another contract. Sometimes you have to say no,” he explains.

“I’m a very isolated man. Today I have a car, I keep it for 6 months, then I change it. I get married, I move. I’m stable and humble. I know where I’m coming from.” And I don’t want to go back there.”

The former BBB was working out in the living room, in a small space, before he started making money with the BBB – Image: Reproduction/Instagram

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