Forgotten Millions: You Can Make Money These Ways!

Forgotten Millions: You Can Make Money These Ways!

According to a report by the Central Bank (BC), more than R$7.5 million has been forgotten in inactive accounts at banks and financial institutions in Brazil. These values ​​can be redeemed by their owners through a A platform called “Receivables”.“.

However, this is not the only amount that Brazilians have “forgot”. In addition, there is an amount allocated for those who incurred losses in savings accounts during the implementation of the economic plans promoted by the Collor and Sarny governments.

Financial reform of economic plans

Victims of these plans are entitled to financial compensation. According to the Brazilian Savers Front (Febrapo), 470,000 people are entitled to request compensation for their losses. The value of compensation can range from R$3,000 to R$100,000, and approximately 70% of these individuals are entitled to up to R$30,000.

How to check if you have money to receive?

To find out if you have any amount to receive, it is recommended to contact Febrapo directly. In addition to these amounts, workers may be entitled to PIS/Pasep. The Ministry of Labor has identified more than 24 million workers entitled to PIS/Pasep payments for the base year 2021, with a total of R$535.8 million to be recovered.

Consumers may also forget money in bill balances for registered mutual funds. In São Paulo, for example, the Nota Fiscal Paulista program returns up to 30% of the tax on the circulation of goods and services paid by companies to consumers.

Recover forgotten income tax funds

Finally, if you've filed your income tax return and forgot to get your refund, you can access… Federal Revenue websiteClick on “Income Tax” and then click on “Refund Advice”. This ensures that all forgotten funds are duly recovered.

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It is essential that you are aware of your rights and regularly check whether any payment will be received. There are countless situations where we may forget a sum and any refund can help the family budget or be a great investment option.

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