For the right of excellence, SC wins 6 medals in the “Oscar of Cheese”

For the right of excellence, SC wins 6 medals in the “Oscar of Cheese”

The product named after a tourist attraction in Pomerod was the only product in Latin America to win Super Gold (Image: Disclosure)

Cheeses with Santa Catarina DNA performed well again at the World Cheese Awards, the ‘Oscars’ of the gourmet cheese, held this year in Trondheim, Norway. Once again, Pomerode Alimentos stood out among the Brazilian competitors in the fray, being the only brand in Latin America to win the Super Arrow Medal – which is awarded when all jurors have a unanimous assessment regarding the high quality of the product.

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The honor came with Morro Azul cheese, made from cow’s milk and white mold. The company describes it as “very smooth and creamy,” and it is wrapped in a wooden belt that helps build the aroma and flavour. Same product I have already taken superaro In the competition in 2022.

Pomerode Alimentos also won five other medals, two gold, one silver and two bronze – see the list of recipients in the gallery below. Compared to last year’s competition, the company doubled the number of medals – and in 2022, there were three podium finishes.

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— Once again, Brazil proves that it can, and does, produce cheeses that rival the best in Europe. It was very special to obtain six medals in such a prestigious competition and repeat the sopraro medal won by premium cheese company Morro Azul for the second year in a row – something Giuliano Mendes, Partner at Pomerode Alimentos, highlights.

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The 35th World Cheese Awards 2023 collected 4,500 cheese samples from more than 40 countries. In total, Brazilian producers won 23 medals. The results were released on Saturday (28).

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