For all tastes and pockets: Learn about exercise apps – 04/22/2021

For all tastes and pockets: Learn about exercise apps - 04/22/2021

The American College of Sports Medicine (abbreviated in English) chooses the major trends of the fitness world each year. In 2021, bet on online training. This makes sense: with Corona Virus And the need for social distancing, many people are looking for ways to maintain healthy habits without having to leave the house or go to the gym.

To incorporate more physical activities into your routine, tilt List of platforms and prepared Applications, With free and paid options, for various workout modalities. paying off!

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Nike Training Club

One of the most popular in the sector, it has training suggestions according to your current focus (for example, resistance, strength, and movement), the muscle group to work on (torso, arms, legs, etc.) and whether or not you want to use equipment. . to follow a program It also records the history of activities, showing the amount of training conducted, the total time spent and accomplished.

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Adidas Training by Runtastic

It offers a range of exercises and plans with different goals: burning calories, gaining energy, and strengthening or crunching your stomach. If you are in doubt about carrying out the exercises, just watch the simulations beforehand, which provides instructions. Although the name of the exercises is in English, the instructions are written in Portuguese. One of the great features of the “Workout Creator” app is that you choose the part of the body you want to work out in and the time available.

  • Free and Paid (subscription options range from R $ 34.99 for one month, R $ 129.99 for six months, and R $ 139.99 for one year).
  • Male in appearance / iOS
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7 min workout

If you don’t have much time to practice, this app can be a good alternative. The application features seven minutes of exercises to train the arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen and work tensile sessions. The exercises are guided by voice commands, animations and on-screen instructions, as well as links to reference videos at Youtube. The app also has a 30-day challenge, where you can train according to your profile – beginner, intermediate or advanced. The bad thing is the ads that appear on the screen before or after a workout.

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Offers a set of exercises to work out only the upper and lower extremities or the whole body, with or without equipment. The free version offers calls to the premium version all the time. The difference in implementation is the “training journey” concept applied to the paid plans, in the quarterly, semi-annual or annual categories. The AI ​​suggests training in line with the questionnaire you answer when you download the app. In addition to exercise, some subscriptions offer personalized meal plans.

  • Free and Paid (with subscriptions ranging from R $ 69.99 for 3-month plans to R $ 159.99 for one year).
  • Male in appearance / iOS
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The app contains a tool called “Personal Trainer online”, which creates personal training sheets, based on the information the user provides such as goal, conditioning and available time. The app’s highlight is the library that promises to offer more than 4,000 exercises and over a thousand group classes. There are methods such as Matt Pilates, Super Yoga, Ballet Fitness and Dance. In the “My Profile” section, you can follow your performance development in each exercise, weekly training time, calorie expenditure and changes in body measurements.

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We are burning

She has a variety of workouts divided into categories like “TOTAL HIIT”, with High-intensity intermittent exercise; “Performance with Health”, for hypertrophy and weight loss; Total ABS, facing abdomen; Pilates Evolution, with classes of this method; And so on. Simply inform your goal, your fitness level and whether you prefer to train with or without equipment to choose from. You can attend the lessons by accessing the platform through your computer, through the application, or even through a smart TV.

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Daily burn

Offers a varied catalog of over 1,100 video lessons with exercises that can be done in up to 30 minutes. It can be accessed by computer, prison cell Or a smart TV. It is allowed to download the training to continue offline only via the application. The Department at Home proposes activities using household items as merchandise. There is also a program targeting women who want to exercise after pregnancy and “Goodbye Back Pain” to strengthen this area.

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Q 48

The app focuses on burning fat and slimming, and offers high-intensity workouts without the use of devices. It takes about five to 20 minutes a day. In addition to exercises like “Q48 2.0” for those with slow metabolism and “Q48 ABS” for abdominal contouring, you can access e-books on nutrition and a system to monitor your development with indicators such as activity time, amount of calories spent and cutting measures.

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5 minutes of yoga

More basic than the other apps, it offers several short (as the name says, five-minute) classes of yoga. Instead of videos, it contains a position illustration and a text explanation. A good feature is the timer. When you click Play, the app starts a 40-second countdown to each position and then beeps. She has a paid version (5.49 BRL a month or 19.99 BRL a year) that unlocks other workouts, as well as including songs in the sessions.

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J&J Official 7 Minute Workout

Another app for those with little time. With seven-minute exercises, they demonstrate simple movements, such as squatting and jumping. Fetch the extensions before the program starts (but the user can decide to skip this part, if he prefers). The biggest drawback is that the app is available in English.

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Stretching exercises

It teaches exercises that aid flexibility for various purposes. The app gives the user daily programs to start the day by stretching, and specific classes for those who practice running and stretching to relieve pain. It also displays the amount of calories burned during the activity. It helps to do stretches in the morning and other exercises to get a good night’s sleep.

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The app is aimed at those who want to lose weight. After registering, the program asks how well you think, how many pounds you want to lose and how long you want to lose. It also needs to know if your profile is active or not. During use, foods eaten daily with each meal, as well as exercise and water intake should be included. The main thing is to count how many calories you can still consume to reach your goal of losing weight. The Premium Edition features food analysis and how meal times affect energy and workouts.

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Daily yoga

It offers several types of classes to practice, ranging from beginners to advanced. The free version already has many coaching options and the paid version has exclusive workshops, plus a yoga instructor. The biggest drawback is in the English language only. But it was not difficult to follow the lessons even without mastering the language.

RunKeeper - Run - Run
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It’s great for those who want to start running and even for those who’ve been running for some time. Using GPS, the app monitors distance covered, speed, exercise time, and calories burned. In addition to running, it measures activities such as walking, cycling and hiking. If you wish, you can listen to audios during your physical activity with information about your pace, distance and time traveled.

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Smart gym

Focusing on weight training, it allows you to create and organize training sheets, as well as memorize all the details of each exercise (number of sets, repetitions, weight, interval, among others). During use, you can create timers (time tracking) for each exercise. The app also has support for HIIT exercises With voice guidance and home training.

  • Free (with paid version)
  • Is available for iOS
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