For a few! 5 places in the world that only VIPs can enter

For a few!  5 places in the world that only VIPs can enter

The society in which we live values ​​what is exclusive. All we need to do is analyze the values ​​of bags, clothing items, cars, among other luxury goods, to realize that what is worth less is worth more.

But it's not just the things that separate VIPs – an English abbreviation for… very important person (a very important person) – from “mere mortal.” Some places are also reserved for the lucky few who have the privilege of enjoying the charm and beauty it has to offer.

Many go further: depending on the location, it is not enough to have a lot of money, you need to receive an invitation. Everything to make the space exclusive for guests only.

5 places in the world you must be a VIP to enter

Learn about five places in the world that require an exclusive visit:

1. The Hamptons – USA

Photo: Vincent Photo/Shutterstock

This distinctive destination located on the eastern end of Long Island exudes elegance and sophistication. The place has stunning beaches and even more impressive palaces. However, it is known to have many rules, due to celebrities buying properties there.

2. Jumeirah Islands – Dubai

Image: Delpixel/Shutterstock

If you are in Dubai, it is difficult to expect anything other than luxury and glamour. The upscale homes on Jumeirah Islands reflect this ostentation. To give you an idea, the place was nicknamed “Millionaire’s Island.” Due to tight security, only invited guests can enter.

3. Cauca Viejo – Colombia

Photo: Juan Diego Quintero Urrea/Shutterstock

Cauca Viejo is one of those places that exudes luxury and wealth, as well as being very charming. To enter the residential complex, a person must have his or her own property or rent it. If you are a tourist, you must have a reservation at a hotel in the complex.

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4. Fisher Island – USA

Photo: Mia2you/Shutterstock

This oasis of pure luxury, located south of Miami, can only be reached by private yacht or helicopter. The reason is that it is on the island. Anyone who owns a property there is looking for security, privacy, and of course, natural beauty. But to live there, it is not enough to be filthy rich, you must be invited by members of the community.

5. Auroville – India

Photo: Vyas Abhishek/Shutterstock

Finally, one of the most exotic but also one of the most unique destinations in the world is Auroville, India. The place is known for celebrating peace and respect between different cultures. Despite free access, local authorities need to allow those who want to live there.

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