Flavia Alessandra, 50: See the birthday girl's style

Flavia Alessandra, 50: See the birthday girl's style

Flavia Alessandra He turns 50 years old on Friday (7). Today's birthday girl is known for her fashion style. She invests in trendy and trendy pieces, proving that fashion resources are for women of all ages.

Flavia Alessandra

Photo: @flaviaalessandra/Instagram/Reproduction / They are on the red carpet

We've selected 10 of her looks to serve as inspiration, including all-black, a cropped top and a glossy look. paying off:

A little black, nothing major

The contrast between different materials makes the monochromatic look more elegant. Flavia Alessandra She combined the heavy look of a leather jacket with the sensual look of sheer lace trousers.

#ficaadica1: When wearing a piece withcolorthesis viashovelNow, make different movements in front of the mirror to make sure you don't show more than you want.

Cropped top

Is the crop top only for little girls? None of this! Flavia Alessandra Prove that there is no age to express style and sensuality. She was wearing a blue outfit and rocked it!

#ficaadica2: If you want to use summit CrowsfootDrThe first thing is to get rid of patterns and get rid of the idea of ​​existence colorThe perfect powder for every look. All women They can wear it as long as they feel comfortable showing their belly. When the bottom is higher, covering the navel, the effect is more discreet. The excitement gets even greater with the return of the low waist.

Elegant white look

How about following the white look trend with a non-essential piece? The actress caught attention in a dress full of feathers.

#ficaadica3: Monochrome is a trend and helps lengthen, because there is no visual interruption.

Suit + corset

Who said suits are only for formal occasions and corporate environments? Flavia Alessandra She nailed her fashionable look by adding a sensual piece: a corset-style crop top.

#ficaadica4: When purchasing BlahZanyMake sure the piece is neither too tight nor too loose. The sleeve line should reach where the shoulders end. Wear it and fold your arms: if it doesn't drag, that's great.

Flavia Alessandra in orange

Do you want to move away from basic black and change colors? What do you think about betting on orange? The actress chose a short dress, with a slim design and a ruffle effect. The piece also has thin straps braided with gold chain.

#ficaadica5: To find out what shade is best for you, hold the fabric close to your face and see which color makes it pop the most.

Tone upon tone

Choosing different shades of the same color can make your look elegant. The proof of this is this combination of green pieces.

It shines

Every woman literally has the right to shine! How about trying metallic pieces like this skirt? The rest is black for balance.

Fashion casual shirt

Who said shirts are only for formal environments? It can and should be part of a variety of looks, including casual looks. Flávia paired the piece with a mini skirt and sneakers.

Color blocking

Color blocking consists of color combinations that go beyond the obvious. What do you think of pink and red?

Mob wife

In mob wife style, she attracted attention with a fur coat.

#ficaadica6: The Mob Wife brings the max and plenty of flashy details. This style is increasingly appearing in social media searches and goes against the principle of simplicity and “quiet luxury.” Among the main bets are the volume of feathers and fringes, lots of animal prints, gold maxi accessories, a low-cut jacket and sunglasses with large frames. Do you want to use aesthetics as a reference, but without committing excesses? It is worth choosing one of the accent elements to create a contrast with the neutral and basic comfort.

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