Flamengo striker watches the Orlando Magic match on “Brazilian Night” | NBA

Flamengo striker watches the Orlando Magic match on “Brazilian Night” |  NBA

The Orlando Magic organized a “Brazilian Night” in the match against the Cleveland Cavaliers and witnessed the shining presence of Flamengo forward Pedro. The number nine player in the red and black Rio team took advantage of the day off from the team's schedule in Orlando to follow the match closely.

On the field, the Magic lost to the Cavaliers 126 to 99. The highlight of the match was Donovan Mitchell with 25 points, 13 assists and three rebounds. The Cavaliers have their 27th win of the season and remain fourth in the East. Orlando ranks eighth in the same conference with 23 wins and 22 losses.

Pedro, from Flamengo, on the night of the Brazilian Basketball League – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The celebration of Brazilian culture also featured a halftime performance by Claudia Leite. The singer has explored country music classics as well as his career hits.

Pedro appears on screen in the Orlando Magic match – Photo: Reproduction/ Twitter

The Flamengo striker was sitting on the edge of the pitch, still on screen and celebrated by other Brazilians in the gym. Orlando is a popular destination for tourists, but it is also home to many residents from Brazil. It is estimated that Florida has more than 300,000 people of Brazilian origins.

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