Fiuk indirectly sends Tata Werneck to after controversy: “Liar, no” | Famous

Fiuk indirectly sends Tata Werneck to after controversy: "Liar, no" |  Famous

Fuchs sends indirectly to Tata Wernick after the controversy: ‘No liar’

After Tata Werneck spoke out and denied the script for “Lady Night” in an episode with Fiuk, the actor sent an indirect message to the comedian on social media on Sunday (5).

In his Instagram Stories, the former BBB refuted the accusations of lying in his statement. “Annoying, boring, great. I’m not perfect, and I don’t pretend to be. But now… Gee, a liar? A liar is a damn*”, he said.

newly, Tatá Werneck lost his patience and dismissed Fuchs about his bad behavior in Lady Night
. The former BBB published a sequel to Stories on Saturday, saying the presenter had evaded the script, but responded that the singer had made excuses to justify his hatred during the interview.

“For anyone who might be interested: I don’t match scripts with anyone on the show. I explain the panels and ask about the topic I can’t talk about. Period. The only panel that has been incorporated is the Torta com Climão I made last season,” Tata wrote on Twitter.

The message was only published by the announcer because Phuc said that she ran away from the script arranged before the interview, and that the situation surprised him, but he tried to act in the best possible way.

“I don’t usually get into an argument, but I think I need to comment on the matter and talk about what happened”, Fayuk began in his stories, even saying that Tata had approached him to apologize.

“We arranged a few things before the program, and did a script. And at the time of the live broadcast it ended up being a little bit far from the script, there were some questions we didn’t agree on, and I was a little off, embarrassed at the time, I didn’t know how to act,” he continued, who said he experienced a very sensitive moment during the recording.

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But Tatá did not like watching the singer’s videos. I describe all this talk as an excuse he made to try to justify the mess he made himself at Lady Knight’s studio. After the initial message of her outburst was published, many fans of Fabio Jr.’s son tried to attack the comedian, but she wouldn’t let him.

After reading a comment from a fan of the singer, Tata wrote that he had already apologized: “He apologised, inventing something that didn’t happen. Then he was withdrawn.” Another follower, said that she was aware of Vioke’s psychological problems and that she respects any time he has to stop the interview. “I did everything to protect him. But I don’t admit to lying,” he added.

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