Fish appear to ‘announce tragedy’ on shore and arouse the curiosity of swimmers in the Caribbean; Watch the video

Fish appear to ‘announce tragedy’ on shore and arouse the curiosity of swimmers in the Caribbean;  Watch the video

A rare oarfish has appeared on a Caribbean beach, sparking the curiosity of swimmers

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One Rare oarfish Surprised swimmers Appearing on a beach in the Dominican RepublicCaribbean country. a Animal presenceWhich usually lives at depths of up to 3200 metres. It is popularly associated with harbingers of natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamisWhich earned him nicknames such as “Broadcaster of tragedies” that it “Fish from the end of the world”.

An oarfish appeared on the beach of Los Coquitos, in Pueblo Salcedo, last Monday, the 27th. The area is located close to the border with Haiti, in a place that was struck by an earthquake last November 10, which frightened the most superstitious residents, according to the local press. The fish died shortly after it ran aground on the sandbar. Watch below the moment he appeared on the beach.

It is considered the longest species of bony fish in the world regalcus glisnei, Known as “Regalico” or “Oarfish”, It usually reaches three meters in length and can reach eight metres. The animal lives near the ocean floor and withstands great pressure. Little is known about the habits of oarfish, nor is it known how many of these animals exist on the sea floor.

In Japanese mythology, the oarfish lives in the depths and comes to the surface before earthquakes or tsunamis, known as the “messenger” of the “Palace of the Sea God.” The legend was strengthened after one of these animals appeared after an earthquake near the island of Honshu in 2011. But experts point out that there is no scientific evidence about the “link” between oarfish and disasters.

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