Firefighters finish search of collapsed building in Florida

Firefighters finish search of collapsed building in Florida

The Fire Department announced, Friday (23), that the search for remains in the rubble has ended The building that collapsed on June 24, in Florida, USA. Over the past four weeks, 97 deaths have been identified.

It is believed that the remains of a recent victim may still be in the rubble. According to a statement issued by the local authorities, the police will continue to search the rest of the building in an attempt to find remains and personal belongings.

The destruction of the remains of a building that collapsed in Miami in an explosion

Extensive work continues to identify the victims of the tragedy. A bank of DNA samples from family members has been created to speed up this process.

The cause of the collapse of part of the 12-storey building is still under investigation. A report by an engineer hired by the condominium revealed structural damage since 2018.

The document noted cracks in columns, beams and concrete walls throughout the building, and included in the document photos of cracks in the garage columns and a portion of the collapsed concrete at the site.

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