Find out how to receive R $ 2,000 at FGTS at CAIXA

Bancos estudam oferta de crédito garantido por FGTS

a Box It makes interested parties aware of the release of a new credit limit that will guarantee it FGTS. The loan is available for those who have changed the withdrawal status from withdrawal to withdrawal memory as well as for those who have arrears or negative

A worker can submit up to three years of Christmas withdrawal installments. The minimum amount available by the bank is R $ 2,000, obtained through the sum of the three withdrawals that can be expected on Christmas, since the minimum amount per transaction, according to each projected period is R $ 300.

Who can ask?

To contract a Caixa loan through the FGTS, a citizen must fulfill certain conditions, such as:

  • Being over the age of 18 or being released by parents
  • Be with CPF in a normal position in the IRS
  • You have a savings account or a checking account in Caixa

As for the interest rates, they are the least expensive in the market at 0.99% per month. It is worth noting that the credit history of last year cannot exceed the limit of 999 days from the moment of contracting.

How do you hire?

Initially, it is necessary to adhere to the withdrawal anniversary method. The application can be submitted through online banking, the Caixa app, or the FGTS app. After withdrawing Christmas, simply contract the loan through the FGTS platform and follow these steps:

  • Select the intervals and values ​​you want to forecast – at this point the system will run a simulation;
  • Then enter your digital signature;
  • Finally, evidence of the loan contract using the date of birth withdrawal will appear in the application.
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The Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS) was created with the aim of protecting a worker who is fired without a valid reason, by opening an account linked to an employment contract.

At the beginning of each month, employers deposit into accounts opened at Caixa, in the name of the employees, the amount corresponding to 8% of each employee’s salary.

FGTS consists of the total of these monthly filings and the amounts pertain to employees who, in some cases, may be the total amount deposited in their names.

Who has the right?

Every Brazilian worker with a formal employment contract, governed by the Standardization of Labor Laws (CLT), as well as domestic, rural, temporary, intermittent, and loose-fitting workers, sapreiros (rural workers who only work in the harvest period) and professional athletes are entitled to the FGTS. A non-working manager may be included in the FGTS, at the discretion of the employer.

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