FIN Brasil 2024 and the SC government aim to boost the economy

FIN Brasil 2024 and the SC government aim to boost the economy

a Where is Brazil 2024?, an international business fair, has intensified procedures so that global markets can conclude deals with different sectors of the Santa Catarina economy. On Monday afternoon (11/13), representatives of the exhibition and a delegation from the Republic of the Congo participated in a meeting with the state governor, Jorginho Mello, in the administrative center. The exhibition will be held from April 3 to 4 at CentroSul in Florianópolis.

He added: “I hope that these initiatives will bear fruit in the best possible way, and that we will be able to carry out other work and activities with the African continent.” Jorginho Melo mentions.


Gater Ranzolin, CEO of FIN Brasil and President of the Brazilian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, said that the meeting opened a series of possibilities for future business with the African continent. “We are bringing together leaders from various sectors to expand Santa Catarina’s global business presence. Internationalization is not limited to trade in goods, but also includes services, investments and talent mobility. By attracting foreign investors, we are injecting capital into our economy, creating jobs and stimulating Growth of strategic sectors. Moreover, the exchange of knowledge between professionals from different parts of the world enriches our workforce, making us more capable of meeting challenges with creativity and innovation.

At the meeting, manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses, and members of the Union of Municipalities of the Laguna Region (Amoril), also presented a proposal to build housing in different cities in Congo. The project, which begins in the coming months, is the result of a trip undertaken in February by a group of businessmen from Santa Catarina who went to African countries to promote the commercial potential of Santa Catarina.

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Honorary Consul of the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sergio de Moura, who was on this government mission, says that African countries are looking for Brazilian companies to explore different areas of the local economy. In addition to the housing issue, there are gaps in several other sectors, such as agriculture and fish farming. According to him, Congo alone imports 80% of Brazil’s food.

“This approach is important because of the greatness of Santa Catarina for Brazil and the world. Until recently, our country practically did not exist in relation to Africa, but we changed this reality, and since then the eyes of that continent have turned to us. We will build a solid foundation, and start communications,” says Sergio de Moura. On various fronts, such as agriculture, technology, civil construction, etc.

“Congo has fertile land, and we provide adequate housing for our residents,” says Victor Mabiala, Director of the Congolese Government. “We will establish great win-win contacts and partnerships with Santa Catarina.”

FIN expects to receive more than 100 government agencies and delegations from more than 60 countries, such as Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and others. Besides the public sector, more than a thousand businessmen are also expected, half of whom are foreigners.

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