FIFA will hold meetings with the Premier League and the government by invitation; The Brazilian Football Confederation is waiting – 09/14/2021

FIFA will hold meetings with the Premier League and the government by invitation;  The Brazilian Football Confederation is waiting - 09/14/2021

FIFA will hold a meeting tomorrow (15) with the English Premier League to discuss the release of players for the obligations of the national teams next October. On this same subject, there will be another meeting, on Friday (17), with the British government. The Brazilian Football Confederation is following the negotiations and expects the return of the FIFA leaders. There is optimism.

Coach Tite will call up the Brazilian team on the same Friday (17) for the matches against Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay on the 7th, 10th and 14th. Whatever the outcome, the idea is to put the football-powered team on the roster. English, even to determine the position again against the clubs.

But there is an atmosphere of truce between the two parties, indicated by the Brazilian Football Confederation’s retreat from FIFA’s requirement to implement – as stipulated in the regulations – a five-day “suspension” for players banned from coming to Brazil to play in the three qualifying matches. at the beginning of the month.

If the penalty request continues, it will affect Alisson, Firmino and Fabinho, of Liverpool, Thiago Silva, of Chelsea, Gabriel Jesus and Ederson, of Manchester City, Fred, Manchester United and Ravenha, of Leeds – as well as Malcolm and Claudinho of Zenit of Russia.

Initially the Brazilian Football Confederation had only saved Everton from Richarlison, as the club released the striker for the Olympics. The clubs’ veto claim was the team’s need to perform a quarantine upon their return from Brazil, which is on the UK’s “red list” as a result of covid-19 numbers – and thus they would lose matches in the English competition. Calendar.

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In a statement published Friday, FIFA cited “positive indications and a constructive dialogue” with the British government. The organization also considered that the withdrawal of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Paraguay’s request for punishment “a sign of good faith, goodwill and cooperation.”

FIFA also said that on September 8 it sent a joint letter to the British government, along with the Premier League and the Football Association (FA). According to FIFA’s description, the authorities will be “open to finding a reasonable solution”.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Football Confederation has already launched an exception request to the Brazilian authorities so that no one coming from England will have to comply with the quarantine upon arrival in Brazil. Ministerial Decree No. 655 of June 23 provides for a 14-day quarantine for arrivals from the UK, but provides for an exception, if there is an express request. Through this legal clause, four players from the Argentine national team were notified, because they did not comply with the quarantine and did not inform the authorities that they were coming from English soil.

“Here, we decided by the extraordinary decree that we have passed all programs to the Center for Strategic Information and Health Surveillance Response (CIEVS). We take this responsibility and implement it with the federal health authorities. It is not a simple request, but a strict adherence to the decisions,” explained Jorge Bajora, Chairman of the Medical Committee. in the Brazilian Football Confederation UOL Sports.

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