FIFA 22: Users complain about game graphics on Xbox Series S | Sports Games

FIFA 22: Users complain about game graphics on Xbox Series S |  Sports Games

NS FIFA 22 Has problems with your copy of Xbox S, according to users who have Early access to the game With an EA Play subscription (old EA Access). service electronic arts It released a free version of FIFA 22 with 10 hours of gameplay as of last Wednesday (22), but users are on console. Microsoft I reported blurry graphics and other visual errors.

Complaints took over the product and help forums and ended up on social networks like Twitter NS reddit. NS TechAll I contacted EA to understand the issue, but have not received any answer yet. It is noteworthy that in addition to the series S, the game arrives on the first of October as well Xbox OneAnd Xbox Xbox X, Playstation 4 (PS4), PlayStation 5 (PS5) NS Computer.

FIFA 22 has graphical issues on the Xbox Series S version, according to user reports – Image: Playback/Mirror

According to reports, the characters of the game are blurry, with a strange look around the 3D models and very pixelated. It also appears that fast-moving objects, such as the ball and players’ hair, leave a trail on the screen when they move.

On Twitter, some players complained about the experience:

The game’s menus have also been reported to run at a frame rate of 30fps on the S series, while on Xbox Xbox X It runs at 60fps, which is a strange compromise because the menus don’t require much graphics processing.

It is noteworthy that the Xbox Series S is a less powerful model of the new generation of the console Microsoftand Xbox Series X.

While the top of the line costs R$4,349, the S-Series costs R$2,649 and aims to offer a similar gaming experience, but with a difference in timings: while the Series X strives for 4K, the simpler version has a lower resolution, typically 1080 pixels. . Despite this, the console should not have difficulties in playing the game, because the content itself will not be different.

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