FGTS Digital: Discover the five changes that will revolutionize interest collection!

FGTS Digital: Discover the five changes that will revolutionize interest collection!

The digital revolution continues to advance across many government sectors, this time with the arrival of FGTS Digital. The new platform went live on March 1, and brings with it five significant changes that promise to improve and simplify the FGTS collection process, impacting both businesses and workers.

Direct responsibility of FGTS Digital

With the launch of the platform, FGTS payments will be collected directly by FGTS Digital. The purpose of this change is to centralize and simplify the process, making payment more practical for employers and ensuring more effective management of the Fund's resources.

Change in expiration date

The first change that stands out is the change in the payment due date. Implementing FGTS Digital gave employers the ability to make payments by the 20th of the following month, facilitating and providing greater flexibility in meeting this obligation.

Exclusively for Bix

Another new feature is the exclusive adoption of Pix as a means of collecting FGTS. Legacy invoices are giving way to QR codes, providing a quick and secure solution for everyone involved in the process.

eSocial will also be integrated into the system, allowing basic data and information to be consolidated to make the accurate calculation of the amount owed to FGTS. This integration should simplify the information provided by employers, ensuring greater accuracy in calculations and transparency throughout the process.

Strengthen supervision

The digital platform will also provide an enhancement in FGTS collection monitoring. Employers who commit undue or inappropriate payments may be subject to inspections by the General Department of Labor. This measure aims to ensure that resources are directed correctly and that all companies properly fulfill their obligations.

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Through these changes, FGTS Digital seeks to modernize and simplify a process critical to the country's economy, benefiting both employers and employees.

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