Fernanda says again that Beatrice is missing a “chromosome” and Bethel catches her attention

Fernanda says again that Beatrice is missing a “chromosome” and Bethel catches her attention


The sister sparked controversy again by criticizing her rival after an episode in the pool on BBB 24

Davey was criticized for his bathrooms at BBB 24

Since joining, Fernanda has never tried to fake her words in BBB 24. Her way of acting in front of the game has won over a portion of the audience, but she has also been hated by those who don't like her behavior.

Fernanda sparks controversy when she talks about Beatrice and her behavior on BBB 24 – Reproduction/ Rede Globo

Currently in Paredão and with a high chance of leaving BBB 24, the sister had a sharp tongue on Saturday afternoon (30), the day before the next elimination.

In the room with the statues, the baker talked about the frequent baths David usually took during the day.

Betel claimed that his brother may have this habit and that is why he showers more than the other brothers.

Fernanda returns to discuss Beatrice

Also on the same Saturday, the walled woman spared no words when she spoke of Beatrice, but the conversation was with Giovanna and not with Bettel.

The nutritionist reported an incident in which the merchant entered a swimming pool and began singing loudly, then headed towards the cushions in the outdoor area and jumped.

Will Fernanda be removed from BBB 24 due to her controversial statements?

Will Fernanda be removed from BBB 24 due to her controversial statements?

531 people have already voted

Shouldn't I say there is a missing chromosome?Fernanda said after listening to her colleague's report. Commander Beetle, who was listening, was not pleased and prevented her ally from delving deeper into the topic.

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So for, The sister who was in the first situation and laughed at her colleague's words intervened.

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The theme is still about the confectioner, but in a different way. An incident involving Davy and Fernanda has come to light again.

The brother decided to vent to Isabelle about the controversy that occurred in the early days of BBB 24.

The brother told Quarto Fadas that the rival referred to an alleged case of harassment, in which the brother crossed boundaries and ran one hand over Nanda's genitals.

The brother reflected on the case, claiming that there was no intention of harassment in any way, in addition to emphasizing that he is married and would not do it for the sake of taking advantage.

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