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Posted 9/5/2021 07:49 PM

Ryo – The stadium’s flames exceeded the limits of Estudios Globo. Fernanda Paes-Lemi, a frequent commentator on the “Big Brother Brasil” social media show, surprised her followers by telling her that Boninho, the program’s director, had banned her.

When she tried to compliment the edition, Fepa failed and asked followers for a “favor.” “Someone out there says I also sent our supercharged congratulations to Boninho because I’m banned by him and I have no way to send them. Thank you,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

Soon after the publication, several celebrities from the digital world spoke up and reported very similar reports. “I’m also a block for him, because when Juliet was reprimanded for putting on makeup, she commented in a gossip profile that” Attitudes like that just make her grow “, like, I didn’t say much kkkk finally the light and the tennis breakout” influencer Igor Sringer.

After that, more followers commented on the topic and one of them said that in the latest release, the director did the same with Bruna Marquezine. But people?

Check out Fernanda Paes Lemi’s post:

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