Felipe Neto is suing Antonia Fontenelle for the second time

Felipe Neto is suing Antonia Fontenelle for the second time
Felipe Neto, YouTuber, and Antonia Fontenelle, commentator for Jovem Pan. Image: reproduction

Felipe Neto, digital influencer and YouTuber, has filed a new lawsuit against Antonia Fontenelle. The feud arose after recent statements by the announcer, who went so far as to suggest a fight between the two during a program on Jovem Pan. With information from Ancelmo Gois’ blog.

Days later, during a live broadcast, Fontenelle called Felipe Neto an “unhappy, pathetic, sold-out, lying, cowardly, disgusting, insecure and pedantic” person. The influencer is demanding the removal of the video from the internet, as well as compensation of R$100,000. The case is being heard in the Second Civil Court of the Parra da Tijuca Regional Court.

In the first lawsuit against the presenter, Felipe and his brother, Lucas Neto, had a positive decision, forcing Antonia to compensate them with R$100,000 for associating them with pedophilia. In turn, the presenter claims that he suffers from persecution.

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