Favorite granddaughter inherits ponies and carriages

Favorite granddaughter inherits ponies and carriages

Prince Philip, who died at the age of 9 at the age of 99, left his inherited dowries and carriages to the carriage that became known in the British press as his “favorite granddaughter,” Mrs. Louise Windsor. Reason? According to The Sun and the Daily Star, she shared her grandfather – who is Prince Edward’s daughter – her passion for horses.

During the month in which the prince was hospitalized earlier this year, her grandfather, Louise, assigned her to look after her pony, Balmoral Nevis and Nutlaw Storm. They were seen during the funeral of their previous owner on Saturday (17).

The rapprochement between Louise and Philip could have increased in the past two years, when she spent much of her time with him and Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, the home of the Royal Family in Scotland for the weekend. Local newspapers ensure that she, 17 and 14th in the line of succession to the British throne, is also very dear to her grandmother.

During his life, Philip was passionate about coach driving, a sport he adopted after quitting polo in the 1970s, for fear of injury. The prince’s dedication was so great that he formally competed, as a representative of the United Kingdom, in the European Championships and in six World Sports Cups.

Philip’s favorite carriage, which was also to remain for Louise, appeared prominently at the funeral: the clothes of the Duke of Edinburgh were carried. Where he was sitting was his hat, gloves, and the little red box where he kept the sugar cubes he was feeding his horses with.

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