Fatima Bernardis talks about the age difference with Tulio Gadelha | Famous

Fatima Bernardis talks about the age difference with Tulio Gadelha |  Famous

Presenter Fatima Bernardis used her social networks on Tuesday (23), to share with her fans, via her social networks, A reflection on the age difference in relationships. As it is known, the presenter of Rede Globo “Encontro” is dating MP Tulio Gadila, who is 25 years younger than him. The speaker is 59 years old and the politician is 34.

Through a story posted on her Instagram profile, Fatima Bernardes shared a sentence written by writer Fabricio Karpingar who talked about how the age difference in relationships becomes irrelevant when a couple shares the same sentiment: “Age difference will never be a problem if the couple share the same emotional time”, Bernardis reflected.

The Fantástico programme, which aired on October 24, presented a new panel entitled “This Has a Name” which consists of a series of reports where daily abuses against women will be tackled. In the first episode, Fatima Bernardes was present talking about discrimination against the elderly and prejudice against the elderly. The announcer commented about people who often They end up reproducing old phrases when they go to praise them:

These are phrases that are often attempts at praise, but you realize that they are what we see first before anything else.”. The “Encontro” presenter told us. After that, Fatima Bernardes spoke about the prejudice that people have with women in relationships with younger men, and mentioned her relationship with federal deputy Tullio Gadila.

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“I think women having relationships with younger men is almost a massacre. And I don’t see the same kind of behavior when you see an older man dating a much younger woman.” Fatima Bernardes went on to say that a woman will always suffer from some kind of bias when entering into a relationship and Fracture with a predetermined pattern:

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“All relationships in which women break patterns, we suffer for them. If you are a woman who is older than your partner, even if you are taller than your partner, people are involved in absolutely everything. Because it strays from what they set as a standard,” The presenter of Rede Globo explained.

On her social networks, Fatima Bernardis called her followers to see the report of the electronic magazine: “Do you know what the age difference is? Reporter @carolraimundi answered that question in @showdavida’s new panel: “This has a name.” I participated in talking about the age difference in relationships. Go there on the program’s website to watch “, The presenter wrote on Instagram.

Fatma Bernardes shares a post about the age difference with Tullio Gadila (reproduction)

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