Fatima Bernardis talks about her reasons for leaving the meeting · TV News

Fatima Bernardis talks about her reasons for leaving the meeting · TV News

In July, ten years after taking charge of the meeting, Fatima Bernardis will leave the program that was created for her. mentioned in advance This decision was made for personal reasons. After overcoming cancer (in endometriosis, detected in 2020) and going through an epidemic, she wants to have more free time to live with her children and boyfriend.

“It’s not that I was dissatisfied. Someone who has a show with his name running… This is of tremendous value! But my whole life has consisted of daily work, I completed 35 years at TV Globo in February,” in an interview with O Globo newspaper.

In 2020, with the pandemic, I’m starting to think about having more flexibility. The meeting was only off the air for a month. I have a house in the beach area, but I can’t work from home, as many people have done. The fact that I had cancer made me think we had to change our lives.

The tipping point should come with more travel: Fatima wants to visit her son, who lives in France, and spend more time with her deputy boyfriend Tulio Gadelha, who lives between Brasilia and Recife.

“The other thing is that my son went to study abroad. He has been in France for about two years, and I only managed to go once to see him. Now, Laura [filha] Also looking to study abroad. My friend lives in two other cities. I realized I needed a more balanced list of what I owed and what I wanted to do. Any ride has to be mid afternoon on a Friday, after the live show, and I have to come back on Sunday, and really get ready for Monday. I have very little free time.”

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From July 1, Fatima will leave the meeting permanently – the program will be presented by Patricia Poeta and Manuel Soares. In the second chapter, The presenter will order The Voice Brasil. She admitted that she did not ask for a place in the program.

“Very honestly, this proposal was made to me. I didn’t want The Voice. I just wanted a new transition into entertainment. When the idea came up, I thought it was pretty cool, because I always struggle so much for my show they have music on a daily basis. It’s not easy Relying on the singers and the band in the early morning, they are used to working at night and at dawn. But today they love the place and understand its importance.”

“Moreover, I will now try to prepare a program in a ready-made format, because the meeting was created by me with several people together. I have no idea how it will happen,” Fatima admitted.

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