Fatima Bernardes says Faustau was decisive in his career

Fatima Bernardes says Faustau was decisive in his career

After TV Globo announced Fausto Silva’s early departure From the station, Fatima Bernardes took advantage of today’s “meeting” to send a message to the presenter.

She said Faustau inspired her when she decided to leave the Journal Nacional seat to lead a talk show.

I wanted to send a kiss to Faustão, to say he played a very important part in my decision to believe a journalist could run a talk show. I would like to send you a big kiss, all my affection, my love and my admiration for you, Faust! Fatima said

Faustão leaves TV Globo after 32 years of partnership. the host go to the band He will present another program on Sunday.

salute to Faustau

Thiago Levert, who undertook the change from the show “Domingão do Faustão” to “Super Dança dos Famosos”, Honoring the announcer in the program that aired yesterday.

I, once again, Globo decided to change the Sunday programme, last week I made absolutely clear the affection and respect I have towards Faustão and Domingão. I’ve been given a new assignment, to bring you Super Dancing, can’t stop, because of you and the hard-training professionals. Here I leave a kiss to Faust.

Also honored by Angelica Faustand said he had a great time with the former Globo presenter on “Domingão”.

Already The dancers from the show used social media to bid farewell.

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