Fatima Bernardes reports her horror when she thinks she has Covid-19

Fatima Bernardes reports her horror when she thinks she has Covid-19

Fatima Bernardis spent a period in hospital for Shoulder surgery After returning home, new fears came to him. In a video posted to her personal Instagram account, the ‘Encounter’ leader revealed that she captured ache Very strong and was afraid of being Covid-19.

“Hello, look what a great voice. Other than that, a dark circle under the flu that you can’t imagine. I was so scared, as I was about to start physical therapy today, I decided to take a Covid test. Negative thank God,” he went down to followers in the post.

Moreover, the presenter reassures fans of her health and says that she is recovering well, whether from surgery or the flu. “I started this physical therapy today, and today I’m trying to move my arm. The hair is here to hide that purple that’s falling out due to surgery. But it’s an exercise for patience. I’ve read so much, I’ve been posting books I’ve read and making suggestions,” he stated.

Finally, Fatima says a new phase of treatment will start this next week: “Other than that, a lot of TV, and starting tomorrow, I’ll be using replacement slings to improve healing. I’m optimistic,” she celebrates.


Recovery details

Recently, Fatima used social media to tell a little about her recovery process and reveals that everything is going well. “I had my first check-up and I’m very happy with the result, everything is going well. I’m wearing a sling, which is different. It has a big side to keep the arm away from the torso, because we tend to get closed and the physical therapy work becomes more difficult after putting the shoulder back in place”, attached.

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The presenter underwent an arthroscopy after a tendon in the muscle called the supraspinatus had ruptured. “There was a complete tear, so I will need a small operation to be able to go back to swimming and dancing, because I am unable to do anything,” he said before undergoing the operation.

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